Rioters in Portland Can’t Seem to Control Themselves


Every time you hear about riots now, it’s almost always happening in Portland. It’s as if the rioters can’t help but get upset about things happening – even if it’s not in their city.

The problem is that these aren’t peaceful protesters. They’re rioters who want to destroy the city and cause physical harm to the residents of Portland.

If this were going on in any GOP-run city, there would be legislation to ban rioters and punish any participating in riots. However, the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, simply won’t do anything about the riots. It’s as if he’s taken such a liberal stance that he feels as though punishing them will take away their freedoms.

Wheeler has chosen to stand with the rioters instead of the innocent (and scared) citizens of Portland.

Things have been building. Every time there’s a riot, it’s as if the rioters figure out bolder and bolder moves. And now, they have set fire by the courthouse and vandalized dozens of businesses.

To say things are out of control is a mild statement.

Portland Police Bureau officers have already made five arrests. However, with a liberal district attorney, it’s unlikely that those five will ever actually see a conviction. It’s part of the problem in the city. The liberals simply don’t want to punish anyone.

Some of the rioters have tried to pry the doors of the justice center building open. Additionally, they’ve assaulted officers with glass bottles, metal spikes, and frozen water bottles.

Enough is enough.

This is what an Antifa riot looks like. It was unprovoked and the police officers on the scene didn’t do anything that should have warranted being hit with mortar fireworks. They simply showed up because of the unlawful protesting.

Until the liberal city and the liberal state do anything about these riots, they’ll continue.

Meanwhile, The Squad and others want to take power away from law enforcement officers. They want to allow the officers to stand there and be tortured by the criminals.

Why should the criminals win?

Law enforcement officers are retiring in record numbers because of what’s happening in Portland. They don’t want to be abused. They want to serve and protect, yet the liberal politicians won’t allow it.

And why is it that the rioters are still going strong in Portland? Didn’t they have enough of their rioting and protesting last summer?

Oh, wait – they’re still protesting and trying to avenge the death of George Floyd. His death was a year ago, and Antifa rioters don’t feel as though his death has been properly avenged.

A year of violence. A year of rioting. A year of torturing police all over the country because of one man dying at the knee of a racist police officer.

Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty. He’ll pay for what he did to George Floyd.

However, what the Portland rioters are doing is destructive and violent. It’s not avenging Floyd. It’s cruel and unusual punishment. They want to take out their anger on police officers who have done nothing wrong. And, because Antifa is angry with no direction, they attack downtown businesses.

Why attack businesses? They didn’t have anything to do with George Floyd. And smashing the storefront windows won’t avenge his death. Even Floyd’s family has said that Floyd wouldn’t have wanted this.

It’s as if the rioters in Portland cannot control themselves. They cannot stop. They want to break things because they don’t know how to direct their anger into anything constructive. They could run for office. They could get petitions signed. They could author books.


It proves that Antifa, BLM, and all of the other rioters aren’t interested in making a change. They don’t want to see anything constructive come out of their actions. They just want to be destructive until there’s nothing left standing.

And until Wheeler or another liberal says “enough,” it will continue to happen throughout the year and into the next year.