Rampant Racism in California! CA County Announces No More Welfare for Whites and Males


It all sounds nice until you realize that there is a major catch here. These programs are not unique, as they have been offered by places like Stockton, California in the past. So what is the problem? The leaders in Marin County, California are about to commit ideological suicide.

In order to qualify for the program, you need to be a woman. This already seems pretty foolish from where we are sitting but what do we know? We’re just Americans who are trying to keep the lights on like everyone else. The program is not available to any white women either. Only women of color can apply, at the moment. Liberty Unyielding has more about the truly problematic aspects of the program:

“In California, local governments are administering welfare programs that exclude whites and men. At least one of these programs violates the Constitution by discriminating based on race and gender, at taxpayer expense…

Local governments can’t use tax dollars to finance racially-discriminatory programs by private entities, under Supreme Court decisions like Norwood v. Harrison (1973). Racial discrimination against whites is generally unconstitutional under the Supreme Court’s decision in Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co. (1989).

The Marin program doesn’t just racially discriminate against whites — it totally excludes them. Complete exclusion of whites is generally unconstitutional even when a mild preference for minorities is permitted, such as in an affirmative-action program designed to remedy governmental discrimination against a minority group,” the report reads.

This is not problematic on a personal opinion level, this is problematic on a whole new level legally. As the aforementioned passage states, the exclusion of whites is not legal. Taxpayer dollars are being used for these payments, so how can they do this? They will claim that private donations are making up much of the money but this is something that they are going to have to open the books on.

We can’t imagine that anyone is going to be willing to simply take their word for it, from a legal standpoint. Minorities can be favored in instances where it is determined that they are being given restitution for discrimination. There’s no law that allows for the total and complete exclusion of white people, though.

When UBI payments were enacted in Stockton, California by Mayor Michael Tubbs, this is not what the mayor was trying to do. No one was being excluded, despite the fact that there were some fairly dubious legal distinctions being made about who could access the monies. The program did not receive any taxpayer funding, however, which clearly makes things much easier overall.

It’s harder for anyone to be upset when their own money is not being withheld from them. Sure, no one wants to be left out when free money is being handed out but if this is what these donors want? We have no real choice but to accept it. Legal questions still need to be answered but these are issues that are beyond us.

Is a city obligated to evenly distribute money, even if it has been provided for a specific purpose by private donors? This is not something that we are equipped to answer but we look forward to hearing from various legal experts about what is taking place here.

Oakland is also running a similar program and Stockton’s program has had mixed results from an effectiveness standpoint. As these programs continue to be rolled out, we will have access to more and more information. If you are asking us to guess right now, we would be willing to bet that the courts are not going to allow any of this once it is challenged.