Racial Activists Get Run of Country While Veterans are Forced to Take a Back Seat


Racial activists are everywhere. They’ll block off entire streets. They’ll block off entire downtown areas. Why? It’s their right as Americans to protest. And no one wants to say anything to these activists for fear of destroying their constitutional rights to protest.

It doesn’t matter if these activists are toting guns or harassing every driver that dares drive on one of the blocked-off streets.

Liberal mayors and governors have made sure that the racial activists of BLM and Antifa have free rein to do what they want when they want to do it.

There’s a problem, though. What you do for one group is what you should do for others.

Yet, when a veterans group decided to ask for a permit for Memorial Day, they were denied.

The AMVETS has had a three-decade tradition of gathering at the Pentagon with a “Rolling to Remember” event on Memorial Day. They had a permit – and then it was revoked. The reason was because of COVID-19. That’s not really the reason, though – after all, D.C. is opening back up.

Smithsonian museums are open along with plenty of other indoor activities.

And the AMVETS event is outdoors, which is where transmission rates are the lowest, according to the CDC.

Besides, no one is breaking up the BLM and Antifa rallies because of COVID-19 or even because they failed to obtain a permit. Those groups are able to get away with all of it because they’re providing the divisiveness that the Democratic Party is looking for.

Representative Brian Mast has blasted the Biden administration for revoking the permit for the veteran group. The Republican out of Florida was quick to note that these traditions “have been granted permits by every administration, Democrat and Republican, for the past 30 years.”

We, as a country, are in desperate need of being reminded about how great our country is and how veterans have had to make the ultimate sacrifice. Mast, an Army veteran himself, wants to see the parades and the events because it offers unity. Yet, as he explains, “Sadly right now, in Joe Biden’s America, it is easier to cross the border illegally than it is to get a permit to pay our respects to our nation’s fallen heroes.”

Mast was one of dozens of Republican Congress members to appeal to President Biden for the permit decision to be overridden.

The Department of Defense is the barrier for the AMVETS. Throughout the country, various local and federal agencies have granted the veteran organization permits so that they can hold their events. The final barrier is the one in D.C. so that they can congregate in the Pentagon parking lot – as they have done for the past 33 years.

Nothing has changed with the AMVETS. Nothing. The only thing that has changed is the administration – and Biden is proving that the veterans are not the group he’s looking to kiss up to. He’d rather kiss up to the radicals and the illegal aliens.

Biden is responsible for the division in the country. He promised unity and equality – and he’s done everything in his power to prevent those things from happening.

At this point, he’s literally saying that it’s okay if the protesters do whatever they want. They’re not even following laws – and they’re toting armed weapons to harass citizens – and it’s being allowed. Meanwhile, AMVETS are doing everything right – they’re maintaining tradition, they’re asking for permits, and they’re being denied.

Welcome to Biden’s America. Illegal aliens and racial protesters rule the country. Our future is bleak because we can’t even honor our veterans. We can only hope that America comes to its senses in 2024 to ensure that he doesn’t stick around longer than absolutely necessary.