Proving the Media Doesn’t Research Before Broadcasting


The White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is a genius with the way she handles the mainstream media. Their reluctance to read the evidence and go through reports on specific events and stories boggles the mind.

They would instead invent witnesses that do not exist then read real evidence on matters of importance. They may try and get away with their dastardly deeds, but McEnany calls them out.

McEnany reported on the actions of liberals and other issues related to COVID-19. While she was giving her report, there was video evidence to back up the accusations she was reporting on.

The issues centered around the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and their reluctance to follow their own rules for dealing with COVID-19.

The speech was full of truth and questioned why these liberals thought they could get on with their lives while the millions they serve had to live in their houses and not work.

Nancy Pelosi was one of the first to get caught on camera as she violated closure orders and got a hair salon to open up so she could get her hair done.

Pelosi deliberately walked into a salon without a mask on. Right away, the two violations should have landed her in big trouble. The cops should have been called, and she should have been arrested on the spot. After all, that is what would have happened to someone else.

Instead, she blamed her actions on the salon owner and tried to cover up the truth.

Gavin Newsom is one of the worst perpetrators of violating his own rules for the state of California. The quick changes of rules keep businesses off balance just enough to cause financial hardship and heartache. But when he is found eating at the high-end French Laundry restaurant, he is dubbed as a hypocrite.

Newsom was seen eating at a crowded table without a mask and indoors. Both of his actions violated two rules of lockdown that he imposed on everyone else. The king can violate and live above his own rules without thought of consequence.

McEnany stated that “Rules for thee, but not for me. They act in a way that their own citizens are barred from acting” Their actions have caught the attention of many people that have been sickened by the duplicity of how they are living.

Andrew Cuomo went after churches again and tried to shut them all down. But his actions were destroyed by the Supreme Court as they told him that he could not infringe on religion’s freedom. But Cuomo decided to attack the court and question its authority over him. A blatant attack on the highest court in the land.

McEnany pointed out that Cuomo’s action “strikes at the heart of the issue – that Democrats seek control.” They see themselves as above the law, and they do not have to be held accountable to anyone. The Democrats would reevaluate that decision if they were tried as traitors and lived in prison for it.

The media failed to report on these accounts because they protect their liberal masters. The liberals media also has not read through the strong evidence pile that their master cheated during the election. They would rather ignore the truth than do what is right and report on it.

If a Republican candidate tried to do what Joe Biden has done, there would be non-stop reporting and a calling out for the truth to be found. But the media is hypocritical as well.

The media scoffed at the findings of Attorney Barr. Even after he called on them to read the evidence, not one station or agency picked up the file folders and read through them. They deposited them in the trash and moved on to attacking President Trump and reporting false information about COVID-19.

President Trump is about law and order. He is not trying to steal an election like Joe Biden is trying to do. All he wants is what McEnany states, “The president is just looking for every legal vote to be counted.”

If the election is found to be fair, he will stop the fight. But as everyone can see, it was not a fair election, which is why the fight continues.