President Trump Works for Americans and It Shows in How He Fights for Each Worker


The Democratic destruction of the American frontier came to a screeching halt when Donald Trump beat out hellish Hillary Clinton in 2016. Democrats suck the life out of people as they destroy their freedoms and rob them of their right to make choices for themselves. But President Trump has put life back into America and seeks to establish a foundation of greatness for another four years.

Even in the final hours of the election day, he still is fighting for all Americans. His policies are not just for the select few that support him. There is no political side when it comes to the president. He works for all people and seeks to make the country great enough to realize their dreams.

The Democrats have fought him the entire four years that he has been president. even with their rejection of his leadership, he has done the impossible. The past four years have been incredible economically, even during the pandemic. The nation bounced back and roared to success with numbers that surpassed pre-pandemic figures.

All of this was possible because the president turned the country around. He challenged the status quo in Washington and pushed everyone to get to work and make America great. The war he is fighting is not a world war. But a war for freedom to remain the defining mark of being an American.

Every time a Democrat has sat in the White House, terrible things happen in America. Over two decades ago, the Democrats saw America become of the NAFTA failure that took America’s greatness. The nation’s strength and industrial might were sold for cheap gadgets such as China and Mexico. Sold to countries that do not care about their own people, they do not care about being fair to foreigners.

In Joe Biden’s prime, he supported the exporting of American pride and strength to other places worldwide. This hurts the American people. It took their jobs and sent them overseas.

But President Trump shot Joe Biden in the rear when he canceled NAFTA and demanded a new plan that would put America at the top and put greatness back into the American name. Workers everywhere found their jobs returning to American soil with wages that were high enough to live on.

The president has worked hard to put Americans first. America is highly dependent on supply chains from other countries. China was the largest nation that played a part in the restocking of American stores. When the pandemic hit, that chain was interrupted. President Trump saw the need to change the dependence.

Americans are now responsible for their own future as they manufacture and supply their own resources. As a result, prices are coming down, and wages are going up because Americans are being put to work again.

His tax cuts and deregulating policies have allowed growth to explode. The Democrats cry about low taxes because they think that it does not bring in the revenue needed to run a country. But low taxes promote growth, which brings in more tax revenue because more people are working and paying their fair share of the low taxes.

President Trump’s first term’s defining marks are low unemployment rates, higher wages, ownership of real estate, and a record-setting stock market. He has also redefined the liberal court system by installing conservative judges so they can balance out the lopsidedness of the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the two people that will place a tombstone over the nation if they are elected to office. Their socialist views and plans will destroy the strength of America by taking freedoms away from people.

President Trump put life back into the country. His plan for America will make the nation great again. He plans to stop the criminal migration from the south so people can live safely. He is working on finishing the trade deals with the east’s rogue nations to make trade fair for all. President Trump and Mike Pence are the ones that have kept the American dream alive and well for future generations.