Portland’s Ted Wheeler Finally Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine


Ted Wheeler has already established himself as one of the worst mayors that this nation has to offer. Bill de Blasio is one of the few who can give him a real run for his money. While it’s true that Wheeler is a terrible mayor, we do not condone the violence that is taking place in his city.

No one should ever have to face an attack from far-left extremists like these.

“Wheeler and a dinner companion had just arrived at Café Nell in the Nob Hill neighborhood about 8:30 p.m. when a group of people confronted the pair, who were seated in an outdoor dining area, according to a City Hall official who asked not to be named.

Wheeler took out his phone to snap a photo of the hecklers, the official said. That’s when, according to Wheeler, a woman in the crowd “swatted” at him and struck his shoulder, the official said,” Oregon Live reports.

We are not the biggest fans of Wheeler but we have to admit that this is a tad out of line.

No one should be yelled at and referred to as a war criminal when they are simply trying to get a bite to eat. The mobs in DC were doing this to various diners and we weren’t fans of that either. Fair is fair.

“You need to grow up,” Wheeler said to the man with the camera. He essentially proved his point moments later by replying to the comment with a string of expletives.

The police were summoned but Wheeler and his date decided to take their food to go. Of course, there is no actual video of the punch because none of these cowards wanted to go on record as assaulting the mayor of their city. At least they have that much intelligence.

“The reported contact between the woman in the crowd and Wheeler was not captured on video footage posted to Twitter,” The Oregonian states.

While it is true that there is no video here, the context clues are pretty easy to come by. You can see a woman in blue approaching Wheeler and calling him all sorts of names that we are not going to repeat. She’s filming as she walks up to him and her body twists in a manner that suggests she was throwing a punch.

The woman has denied doing anything but the video says it all. The most critical moment of the clip was edited out but anyone who has seen a video like this one knows exactly what happened.

In another clip, Wheeler is clearly saying the words “you assaulted me”, which removes all doubt. Even with her face on video, he does not press for her to be arrested.

That’s because the far-leftists always get a pass from him. Wheeler also did nothing about the latest unlawful assembly that took place in his own city. There was a mob of anarchists roaming the streets, shattering windows for no reason at all.

Of course, Wheeler was not willing to actually do anything about that either.

The funniest part of all? The far left is angry with Wheeler because they believe that he has been too hard on the protesters this year. This is how deluded they have become.

After a year spent looking the other way, Wheeler is finally promising to crack down on the riots. Instead of realizing that their free ride is over, the liberals are going to try and intimidate the mayor.

The fact that he is even ready to discuss it is enough to make them upset with him. We cannot imagine how angry they are going to be if he decides to follow through on any of it.

If Wheeler wants to show that he is serious about the idea of getting tough, he could start by having this woman prosecuted. If you would like to learn more, KOIN 6 has a report on the vandalism that took place last night.