Party of Science? De Blasio Ignores CDC and Mandates Masks for Students in Fall


All of New York City is looking to kick Bill de Blasio out of City Hall and it cannot happen soon enough. Unfortunately, the school year is going to be getting started before they have a chance to do so. This may not seem like a big deal but we are here to tell you more about his latest bit of buffoonery.

We assume that Eric Andrews will arrive at some point to relieve him of his duties, which has to provide some solace to New Yorkers who are tired of de Blasio’s reign of terror. How can de Blasio keep terrorizing this city when he’s already on his way out? It’s a sad thing to watch, even if you are someone who is not currently living there.

For his latest trick, Bill de Blasio is not going to be listening to the recommendations that are being made by the CDC or his State Department of Health. Children who will be returning to in-person learning this fall are going to be forced to wear their masks until further notice. Of course, there is always a possibility that the soon-to-be former mayor could change his mind again before then.

He’s a pretty wishy-washy guy, all things considered. The New York Post has additional information about the newest plans from de Blasio:

“All New York City public school students must continue to wear masks in the classroom, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday — despite the CDC’s latest guidance that vaccinated kids and teachers can go mask-free.

“For now we’re sticking with the idea that wearing the masks is a smart thing to do in schools,” de Blasio said during his morning press briefing. “We’ll keep assessing as we go along, but for now it still makes sense.”

“We’ve been constantly working with the CDC but we also, in this case, have been very careful given everything the city’s been through,” the mayor added.”

They are taking the words of government officials and twisting them to an insane degree. These are the same people who claimed that they are the party of science, though. All of that seems to fall by the wayside whenever they have a chance to spread their silly ideologies even further. Can you believe that the mayor is currently claiming that he is “working with the CDC”?

All he is doing is going against their wishes and acting like he is helping out while he is doing it. The CDC is actually telling schools to adopt a more layered approach to containing the virus, with more testing and contact tracing. They do not want to keep our kids in masks but this clown seems to think that he knows better than the scientists.

It is interesting how science needed to rule the day when it meant that everyone stayed inside and wore their masks. Now that the restrictions are being loosened, they do not want to follow the science anymore. It is funny to see how that works. It is time to call a spade a spade here: he is winging it.

In that sense, they have a lot in common with states like California that are also making it up as they go along. Newsom is trying his best to keep his job at the moment, while de Blasio has no such motivation. The Hizzoner, in typical fashion, is being a pain in the backside for the mere sake of doing so. That is all that he cares about in these instances.

Of course, he left himself an escape route, claiming that he is going to continue to monitor the situation. If he does not want a widespread revolt on his hands, he should probably reconsider things as soon as possible. Families should be given the chance to make their own decisions, without having to worry about the former mayor of their city breathing down their neck.