Party of Corruption Never Ends! Democrat Omar Continues to Ride the Gravy Train


While there was a sizable amount of discussion about Ilhan Omar’s primary race over the past few months, the end result was fairly anticlimactic. According to the current tally, challenger Antone Melton-Meaux is not even close. Omar’s leading the race by a very comfortable 57-39 margin. All of the major players in Minnesota stood by her, even though the largest newspaper in Minneapolis offered their endorsement to Melton-Meaux.

We’ll be honest with you: the 5th Congressional District isn’t all that competitive. As such, this provides Omar with another two years in office and she won’t be sweating out these results. Melton-Meaux had received a fair amount of attention because he was able to raise more funds than Omar during the campaign process.

Melton-Meaux also attacked Omar for her Congressional attendance record but he was still complimentary of the work she did during her first run back in 2018. When he spoke to the Associated Press about her stint in Congress, he did not mince words. “She has been ineffective in Washington because she is divisive, and she’s focused on her celebrity,” said the attorney.

The complaints that he is making about Omar are hard to refute. She’s the type of politician who is looking to make a name for herself and she does not seem to care that her own city is burning at the moment. Omar will leave Minneapolis behind forever in a heartbeat as soon as the right opportunity comes along. She’s also antisemitic and as divisive as they come.

However, there was no data to support the idea that Omar was in any sort of danger. No one ever really believed that she would lose. This primary race wouldn’t have received this level of attention under normal circumstances but Melton-Meaux’s fundraising abilities attracted a lot of media scrutiny. People wanted to know if he has what it takes to win.

The idea that this money was coming from an organic grassroots movement was always erroneous. National sources provided the funding because they were looking to remove Omar from the House of Representatives. This victory was also shared by Omar’s husband, who is raking in cash hand over fist with his political consulting firm.

Tim Mynett’s E Street Group made over $600,000 in the last quarter alone and now he will have even more time to continue this highly profitable venture. We do not have any access to his tax returns at the moment but it is safe to say that he is providing himself with a nice salary. There are probably lots of “bonus” payments that are making their way into his personal accounts, too.

There are numerous congressional campaigns that cannot hope to rake in that kind of money over the course of an entire team, let alone a whole quarter. Why would all of this money need to change hands when Omar’s been a lock to win this race from the very beginning? In all honesty, we are surprised that other members of Congress haven’t thought of this gambit yet.

It’s such an easy way to generate extra cash and it won’t be long before the rest of the Democrats are ready to follow suit. If your husband is already providing you with all sorts of advice that you did not ask for, why not monetize it? At any rate, we are glad that this chapter of the story has concluded. The political aspect has been taken care of and now Omar can go back to her usual celebrity antics.

The wannabe socialists who look up to her will be seeking “Squad” endorsements and she’ll be more than happy to provide them. Omar will continue to travel the country on the taxpayer’s dime, spreading anti American sentiment. The irony is so thick that we could almost choke on it. The cash injections are only going to continue over the next few years and the copycats will have a field day.