Oh, the Hypocrisy! Watch Kamala Harris Encouraging Looting and Violence – As Long as It Helps Democrats (Video)


America is being gaslighted over and over again. The liberal media cannot seem to stop trying to make everyone buy into the propaganda. All of the outright lies that have been told lately have gotten to be a bit ridiculous.

We wish that the rest of America would wake up and smell the java. The violent protesters who arrived at the Capitol were turned back by President Trump.

Not only were they told to go home but four Trump supporters were killed in the process. An unarmed veteran and unarmed women were among those who were fatally wounded by the Capitol police. Now, the media is carrying out the same double standards that they always do when things like this happen.

Kamala Harris was fine with the protests and riots this summer because her party stood to benefit from them. Was she or Biden ever taken to task for what they encouraged? Of course, they weren’t.

“They’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop. This is a movement. Everyone beware! They’re not gonna let up and they should not let up,” she said of the Black Lives Matter riots.

These protests led to billions in damages but that’s okay. Kamala was the one promoting violence in the streets and Trump was calling for it to stop. They are not really all that comparable but don’t tell that to the liberals.

The fake news media cannot stop lying to save their lives. Harris nor Biden saw fit to issue a message, telling the protesters to go home.

Instead, they acted as if the riots were merely a ploy to help them politically. They both knew that it would be a form of political suicide to publicly take a stand against the rioters. Harris was especially susceptible to outside commentary on whatever stances she took.

Biden only selected her to sound off the warning flares to all of his moderate voters.

As a former Attorney General, Harris was responsible for some of the toughest laws in the country. Parents were thrown in jail because their children were struggling with truancy issues. It’s pretty funny to watch her try and reinvent herself as the caring, considerate liberal after spending years locking people up for every little thing.

This is the bed that Harris has made but that does not mean that we need to sit by and allow it to happen. If she wants to lie to her voters and act as if she has their best interests at heart, that is their business.

For the rest of us, the blatant lies and hypocrisy needs to stop. Until the day comes when a Democrat is willing to call off the protesters who are tearing up cities on their behalf, we are going to roll our eyes hard at any media types trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist.

Biden and Harris wait for all of the drama to unfold. From there, they issue their limp statements that are designed to show support to the protesters. It’s a tired pattern that the mainstream media is more than enable. That’s why the non-fake news media sources need to be very careful about what they report.

How else is anyone supposed to gain access to the truth? If people only depended on the mainstream media sources, they would be led to believe all sorts of things that are not remotely true. President Trump tried his best to put a stop to the violence, which is something a Democrat would never be ready to do.

At least those of us who actually pay attention to what is going on know what really happened. For now, we are going to have to take solace in that.

With any luck, the Department of Justice will have a plan in place to deal with these types of protests…..on both sides. Fair is fair and right is right.