Oh the Corruption! Teachers Paid Huge Bonuses Using COVID Relief Money for Not Showing up for Work


California, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas school districts are currently using millions of dollars in federal stimulus monies to advance their own ridiculous agendas. Their staff and teachers are taking home four-figure bonuses, despite the fact that these funds are better off being used in other ways.

Parents are objecting but that does not matter to them. School systems in these states do not care what families have to say. Mind you, California teachers were the ones who held out on returning to schools and teaching children in person. They continued to collect their paychecks while the children were suffering, though.

Georgia is the first state to provide these bonuses to their teachers. $1,000 payments were given to 230,000+ employees, which cost the state over $230 million. 35% of the state’s stimulus money was chewed up by this plan, which comes with other major costs. When monies are used in this manner, this keeps states from being able to handle other issues that need to be addressed.

The payments are being sold to the people as a way to boost morale of teachers that have been out of the classroom for some time now. These educators have been hiding out at home giving useless Zoom lectures for the past year or so and now they have to be coaxed into coming back to class. The COVID-19 relief funds that were given to these school districts are not restricted in any way.

They can spend the money however they like and of course, this is going to cause all sorts of unforeseen problems. The Wall Street Journal has more:

Dozens of school districts and states are spending big chunks of their historic federal stimulus cash on one-time bonuses to teachers and staff, over the objections of some parents and others who claim such payments violate the intent of the federal funding.

Schools have until 2024 to spend stimulus dollars, which totaled about $190 billion, the largest-ever, one-year federal infusion of cash for public schools. While districts and states have started spending some of the $81 billion already dispersed to states from the most recent round of $122 billion in funding, many are deciding how to allocate the rest and under federal guidelines won’t receive those funds until their plans have been approved. Twelve state spending plans have been approved thus far.

Georgia’s state board of education approved the bonuses in March, around the time teachers typically sign contracts for the following year, to aid with recruitment and retention following a difficult time.

“We needed some sort of morale boost, and our answer was to provide that bonus,” said Matt Jones, chief of staff at Georgia’s state department of education.

Teachers have been having a pretty easy go of things, to be quite honest. They sit online all day at home and try their best to fuel Marxist rhetoric. Now that they are not being asked to set foot in a brick-and-mortar building every day, many of these teachers have decided to tell us how they really feel. Why should these teachers need any sort of morale boost when they have been getting their way this whole time?

The morale of children has been suffering ever since the pandemic began but we have yet to see much ink spilled on that. Instead, the teachers have been bullying everyone into going along with whatever they want. Now, they are being rewarded for this awful behavior with more money. It makes no sense whatsoever.

As the standards for proper education continue to drop lower and lower, we can expect stories like this one to become more and more commonplace. Teachers have decided that they are the ones who need to be coddled, when they are not in the process of forcing all sorts of far-left propaganda down our children’s throats. The next thing you know, they are going to want a bonus just for teaching critical race theory.