Oh, Now You Want Women to Have Equal Rights… When It Comes to Being Drafted


For the longest time, men didn’t want women in the military. And to put them on the front lines? Don’t be ridiculous…

Now, it seems that the men are ready to demand equality. Now, they want to make sure that they’re not the only ones being drafted.

A group of retired military generals along with Michael Hayden, the former National Security Agency director have decided that the military draft is unconstitutional. They’re asking that the U.S. Supreme Court rule it as such, too.

The argument is that the Selective Service System is unconstitutional because it does not apply to women. Right now, men between the ages of 18 and 26 can be drafted through the system.

Quite a few individuals have signed onto the legal brief in addition to Hayden. Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal is one of the most prominent names on the list of supporters.

It all comes down to this: today’s men don’t want to serve their country. They don’t want to be the only ones on the front lines if the Biden administration drags us into a war we don’t belong in.

There’s really not too much to this. The Selective Service System has always required men to serve and not women. Why? Women are generally the keepers of the house. They’re the ones having the babies and raising the children. If both a husband and wife are drafted, who will take care of the children?

Is it a bit sexist and outdated? Sure, but it’s still the reality because of the nuclear family that still is prominent in the U.S.

The men have filed their legal brief through the National Coalition for Men, which is being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

This isn’t the first time the Selective Service System has been challenged. It was challenged in 1981. The high court ruled that the draft was constitutional because it was necessary to keep the forces combat-ready. At that time, women were still being excluded from combat roles.

In 2013, The Pentagon lifted the ban so that women could serve in combat jobs. It took until 2019 for all of those jobs to open up to women.

So, what now?

If the group were to win, the Selective Service System would require both men and women to register with the Selective Service at the age of 18.

Okay. So, they register. This only allows them to be drafted – assuming they don’t have any conditions that would prevent them from qualifying for military service.

Are we going to war anytime soon? Unless the Biden administration is planning on picking a fight with a foreign nation, this seems like a moot point.

The last time people were drafted was in the 1970s when we got involved in the Vietnam War. For nearly 50 years, we haven’t forced a draft. It means that the Selective Service System is more of a back-up plan than anything.

Since the men are afraid that they’re going to have their number pulled, they’ll throw women into the mix, too. Then, they’ll be the same men who will complain when they have to raise kids and when they have to take on positions that are traditionally filled by women.

It’s the liberal way. They demand equality and, then, they complain about the results.

If the courts overturn the ruling from 1981 now that women are in combat roles, it will mean that both men and women would register in the Selective Service. Then, their name simply sits into the system until they age out.

The Coalition for Men is claiming sex discrimination. It’s a dangerous play they’re making. If they want to call for sex discrimination on this, they better be ready for the women to demand more roles in the military that are traditionally filled by men. Fair is fair, and all.

As for whether it’s going to lead to more women being shoved into combat, it’s highly unlikely. The whole move is only an issue if we suddenly need to start drafting individuals.

Considering the military has plenty of troops within its ranks and Biden isn’t planning on leading us into war, (at least, for now) everyone should calm down. Drafting hasn’t happened for decades, and, hopefully, no one will ever get drafted again.