New Georgia Senator is Now Under Investigation for Voter Fraud


November 3 opened a new window of opportunity for the nation to see just how corrupt the Democratic Party has become. The way the liberal states handled their election results drew a lot of questions and backlash from thousands of people that came forward with clear evidence of foul play.

And when the state of Georgia had its election runoff, the same things started happening in areas controlled by the Democrats.

In both cases, the counting came to a stop, and for the rest of the night, the liberals slowly made their way to the top of the chart. These are the things that make people question their integrity and honesty as politicians. The country is sick and tired of the liberal left cheating the American people.

And that is why they wanted Donald Trump for another term.

It should not come as a surprise that the newly elected Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is now under the microscope for voter registration fraud. The accusations come after he completed working for Stacey Abrams, who is a known socialist and anti-American citizen.

The sad little man found out that the state’s election board voted unanimously to investigate the newly appointed senator. During the time period in question, he served as the chairman of the voter registration organization that was run by then Stacey Abrams.

Warnock is rightly accused of not following the law as it relates to voter registration. Wacky Warnock led the way for all sorts of misconduct to happen during the 2019 season.

Warnock was supposed to submit voter applications ten days after the organization received them. In 2019, Warnock ignored the rule and kept on submitting 1,268 applications well past the due date.

His actions are just another way that the Democrats make sure their voters have a chance to vote, even when it means breaking all the rules.

Warnock’s troubles are just the beginning of his pain. Governor Brian Kemp has moved to change the election laws after the fiasco in November and the runoff elections.

Kemp’s move is to require voter identification for all absentee and mail-in ballots. These simple changes to the election laws will keep people like Warnock from cheating the system.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that “Gov. Brian Kemp strongly endorsed adding photo ID requirements for absentee ballots on Monday at the start of a legislative session that’s sure to be shaped by a debate over voting laws after epic turnout helped Democrats flip Georgia in the race for president and sweep the Senate runoffs.”

Kemp’s actions are a little too late to save the country, but future elections should be more secure.

The outlet went on to note that “In an interview, the Republican said he is ‘reserving judgment’ on a series of proposals that seek to end at-will absentee voting, ban ballot drop boxes and restrict state officials or outside groups from sending out absentee ballot applications. But Kemp said he unequivocally supported measures to tighten voter ID laws for mail-in ballots.”

There has been no response from the cheating senator since the allegations were made public. He knows he has been caught is now looking for a way to save his proverbial neck from being stretched because of legal action.

The investigation is also seeking to reveal any applications filled out for dead people. The Democrats love to vote for the deceased and then pay them for their support.

Donald Trump alerted the nation that something was not right long before the election took place. And now that Warnock is under investigation, it proves the point that the Democrats were up to no good.

These accusations beg the question of whether or not there are other liberals in positions of service that need to have their positions investigated as well.

One thing is for sure is that Warnock only has a two-year term since it was a runoff election. These accusations and more will be his undoing in the 2022 election cycle.

The reign of terror at the hands of the Democrats has a limited lifespan. They know that they only have two years before they lose power for a long time.