Must See! Trump Takes Down Liberal CNN Hack Over Portland Riots


Joe Biden gave an awful speech about the riots that are currently taking place all over the country. This speech was as ineffective and no one should be shocked by that. That’s why Donald Trump felt it necessary to provide his own rejoinder. It’s not like the Biden speech was all that inspiring anyway.

The White House press corps was more than happy to hear from the president. For months, the Democrats have been doing everything in their power to ignore the realities that the rest of the nation is facing. They want people to be okay with the rioting because those who are not okay with it are considered racists. This may work on those who cannot think for themselves but the rest of us are not so susceptible.

Now, the poll numbers have begun to drop and the chickens have come home to roost. The Democrats’ willingness to ignore the protests has finally come back to bite them. Biden and the like did not care at all until the polls indicated that they needed to. They were practically ready to start throwing their victory parties and everything.

Once it came time for the Democrats to start speaking up about the riots, they were not willing to take any sort of accountability. They did not want to take the fall. Instead, they decided to blame the riots (that they were standing in solidarity with) on the president who never wanted them to happen in the first place. It’s an impressive feat.

Their sleight of hand is top notch. They went on social media, offered up some “we see you and we hear you” posts and that was that. Throw in a little dash of “acknowledging our privilege” and that’s their whole strategy. These are the same fools who thought that they needed to show up to work wearing kente cloth instead of actually providing some real results.

Kaitlin Collins of CNN had a simple question for Trump. She wanted to know if he was ever going to step up to the plate to condemn the Portland Trump supporters who were accused of turning violent. Why would the liberal media even ask such a question unless they were looking to make Trump seem foolish, though? It’s a very loaded question, to say the least.

The CNN hack was not going to get away with this query on Trump’s watch. He fired back immediately. His full quote is well worth checking it out but there’s one part in particular that stuck with us. We had to rewind the quote a few times because it was that good. He wanted people to know that the protests that the host were referring to were peaceful.

“These people they protested peacefully, they went in very peacefully. I tell you what they’re protesting. They turn on the television or are reading whatever they are reading and see a city like Chicago where 78 people were shot and 13 died. Or a city like New York where the crime rate has gone through the roof. Or a city like Portland where the entire city are ablaze all the time and the mayor says, “We don’t want any help from the federal government,” Trump went on to say.

This is what people mean when they say that this is not their country. People turn on the news every day and see cities on fire, wondering when it is going to stop. It’s a fair question that the mainstream media does not seem all that interested in answering. The liberal leadership in these cities does not seem interested either.

People are frustrated because they feel as if their thoughts and concerns are being forgotten because of the current uprising. The Democrats are overplaying their hand now. Many Americans supported the protests in principle but when they have to watch months of rioting? It’s easy to see why the anger and resentment is starting to build.