Music Festival in Mexico Brings Positive Cases Back to NYC


Andrew Cuomo’s lies are starting to catch up to him. If you listen to the New York governor long enough, you believe that he has everything under control. There are travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine periods, and more.

However, there was a music festival in Tulum, Mexico that was attended by thousands – including quite a few New Yorkers.

A testing company has found that as much as 70% of the positive cases in NYC have been attributed to this super-spreader event.

The beach festival was four days of art and music, entitled “Art With Me.” It was a COVID-19 hot spot – and many people managed to bring it back to New York City with them.

How is that possible? Isn’t Governor Cuomo restricting travel in and out of New York? Yes, but not nearly as well as he thinks. Additionally, people are refusing to follow the state’s quarantine restrictions because they want their freedom.

Cuomo may have to page through a few chapters of his book to figure out what he can learn from his “leadership.” After all, this is the same governor who became a New York Times bestselling author for his leadership skills dealing with the pandemic. Only, he’s not leading nearly as well as he thinks that he is.

Attendees at the festival, which took place from November 11 through November 15, said that there were very few wearing masks. Combine that with minimal social distancing.

Then, since people didn’t quarantine, many of the positive test cases have been from those in attendance or those who came into contact with those who attended.

Checkmate Health Strategies is a private COVID testing company. They’ve noticed a lot of their positive cases as a result of the Art With Me festival – and it’s not just in New York City. It’s also in Miami and in other metropolitan areas.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, talked about how a friend visited her. She started to feel ill while in Tulum and had all the COVID symptoms by the time she landed back in NYC.

The CDC has already warned Americans against traveling to Mexico. However, travel isn’t banned so people feel that they can do what they want. Further, the CDC tells people to monitor their symptoms and not fly when they are sick – yet people do what they want.

Mexico is one of the latest hotspots. Not only has the CDC labeled it as a high-risk country, but the World Health Organization also said it was in “bad shape” following a rise in deaths. The country is currently listed as the fourth-highest in the world in terms of its death count.

Those who were in attendance admitted that they weren’t wearing masks and that they got sick.

So, it appears that masks do work. Wear one and don’t get sick. Choose to leave it in the hotel room and expect to get symptoms.

What happened at the festival and spread to New York and beyond can be a learning lesson: travel needs to be restricted and masks need to be worn. The uptick in positive cases is because of super spreader events like this one – not because of small businesses being allowed to remain open.

If we’re going to get through the pandemic, we still need to have our freedoms. Wear a mask, be honest about symptoms, and live your life. There’s no need to close the economy – we just can’t be the host to the next “Art With Me” festival, especially if masks aren’t going to be worn.

As for Andrew Cuomo, he needs to take a close look at what’s happening in his state. He can’t continue to hold press conferences to pat himself on the back. His restrictions aren’t working, and he’s allowing people to do what they want – only to continue to spread the virus. His way isn’t working, so can we stop feeding his ego already?