Minnesota Won’t Be Defunding the Police After All


Defunding the police is one of the biggest things that the radicals have been yelling about. After all, that’s ground zero to the whole ordeal with George Floyd.

Is it a tragedy that George Floyd died? Absolutely. No one is debating that. However, defunding police departments across the nation because of one bad cop isn’t going to solve anything.

Since Floyd’s death, there has been more criminal violence than ever before. And do you know who the citizens keep calling? The police. Because, although the police have been involved in some brutality, they’re also known for being able to keep the peace.

They’ve sworn an oath to serve and protect – and that’s what they’ll do as long as the police departments continue to receive funding.

The problem is that there are the loud and proud in Minnesota that demand that the police be defunded.

Great, well, let’s take a vote.

The Minneapolis City Council voted to keep police staff at current levels. They’ve also voted to shift nearly $8 million in police funding to help with other services – including mental health crisis response and violence prevention teams.

It certainly helped that the mayor threatened to veto any votes made by the city council if it meant having to cut officers from the force.

The City Council President, Lisa Bender, is proud of the way in which the council came together and worked toward the shared goal. “It’s clear to me and I think to all of us that we need to transform our system of public safety.”

What happened in Minneapolis is proof that it’s possible to make changes without completely defunding the police force. To say that we don’t need the police is idiotic. However, the city does recognize that there’s a need for some help.

The police budget of $179 million was only slightly modified – with $8 million being re-allocated to help create some of these special teams.

Luckily, Mayor Jacob Frey jumped in to ensure that certain things happened. Earlier in the week, the council had voted to cut the officers down to 750 from the 888 that is in place now. However, the council changed their minds once Frey said that he would veto the city budget if they went in that direction. Miraculously, the new vote came out to 13-0 to adopt the new budget and to not cut police officers.

Steve Fletcher, the City Council Member who co-authored the plan to lower the police force cap said that he’s happy with the budget plan that was passed that it “represents a compromise.”

See, compromise.

If you listen to those behind Black Lives Matter, they don’t want to compromise. They want to make their demands and wreak havoc on the city until their demands are met.

Minneapolis has proven that they’re not going to give in to demands if it’s not what’s best for their city. They believe that it’s important for a police force to be present. However, they also believe that there’s the need to have some teams in place to help prevent crimes and to deal with mental health crises.

As for what the general public thinks about the compromises, most are in agreement, though some believed that now isn’t the right time to cut any of the resources – particularly because of the level of violence that has been incited in the past year.

One caller was disappointed that it was only $8 million shifted. Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg stated that “police come after harm has happened.” She was in support of nearly $53 million being shifted from the police department.

The $8 million is a step in the right direction. Let’s see what they can do with that money to deter crime. If the crimes go down, then it may prove that it’s possible to shift more money away – however, simply taking money away from the police isn’t a guarantee that crime will just go away – and that’s why defunding is such a bad (and dangerous) idea.