Minnesota Under Attack as New Suggestions Arise About How to Hurt Police


The Democrats are on an all-out march against law enforcement once again. Somehow they got a few people to make a significant deal about a shooting that happened in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. At least this time around, racial profiling met their requirements of being able to politicize the event. The shooter is not a white male, but a female police officer will make enough of a stink for them.

The issue of defunding the police was primarily killed off when the liberal city leaders that went ahead with the idea found out that defunding the police would only make things worse for them as a crime would skyrocket. But that does not stop the mouths of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar from opening up their big mouths in support of crime and killers.

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, is the recent battleground chosen by the liberals to try and attack. They were unsuccessful in killing off Minneapolis, so they have turned to another city. And this time around, the mayor is all for stripping the police’s weapons so they cannot do their job.

The war on the police is all about ideology. It is about some utopian belief that thinks the world does not need law enforcement because people are intrinsically good. But history has proven that people are not as good as they think. Some do what is right, but there are even more that would kill the good if they had the chance to do so.

All eyes are on Minnesota right now as Derek Chauvin is on trial for killing George Floyd, and now there is the death of Duane Wright. He was shot during a traffic stop where it was discovered that he was wanted for nearly killing a woman for her money. For some demented reason, the liberals think that this kind of person was a saint.

Wright tried to flee and, in the end, gave up his life, so he did not have to answer for his crimes. Had he just complied with the officer, he would still be alive today.

The entire scenario in Brooklyn Center is staged for a political agenda. Kim Potter was the officer that shot Wright, and she has since resigned. The police chief has also left, and the crime-loving mayor fired the city manager, who stated that the “due process” of law needed to be followed.

His mayor’s firing shows that the mayor does not believe that the officer deserves a fair trial. He has already determined she premeditated the murder and should be hung until dead.

Wright was also wanted on weapon charges and as well as the attack on the victim that was nearly choked to death.

Potter thought her hand was on her taser, but it was found to be on her gun. But that is not the issue that needs to be discussed. If Wright had cooperated with Potter, there would have been no reason for Potter to have had to draw her weapon for safety.

The state of Minnesota is under siege by the Democratic Party. Ever since Ilhan Omar showed up, things have taken a turn for the worse for the people living there.

The all or nothing Democrats want to abolish law enforcement across the board. But there is a middle ground to the issue. And leaving the matter with the liberals is the wrong approach to social change. They only push conflict and never solutions.

The mayor is Mark Elliott, and he thinks the police should surrender their guns. His belief is going to get more officers killed as they will not be able to defend themselves. He is asking them to go and fight a war without weapons. They might as well use sticks to poke at the criminals.

Police officers are required to carry their guns with them. To leave them in their cars is like putting the gun on the street and daring someone to pick it up. The liberal mayor does not know what it takes to be a police officer. If he had to put his life on the line every day, he would not be talking like he is today.