Michelle Obama Congratulates Biden by Insulting 70 Million Trump Voters


Once the official word came down about the Biden and Harris victory, Michelle and Barack Obama were sure to reach out. They each posted their own messages on social media, letting the world know where they stood. Barack’s message was a very typical congratulatory message. There was nothing wrong with his social media post.

Of course, the Obamas weren’t going to let this occasion pass without getting in some shots at Trump. While Barack claimed that the nation’s democracy was at risk, that’s par for the course for him. Joe Biden was his running mate and Obama was also encouraging about a potential presidential run for Harris. Michelle’s message is the one that is more surprising.

She wasn’t about to provide kudos to Democratic voters and leave it at that. The Republican voter had to be trashed in the process.  “My friend Joe Biden” and “our first Black and Indian-American woman Vice President” were congratulated at the start of the message. Things seemed normal enough at first but then they went quickly off the rails.

It didn’t take long before the veiled barbs began. As soon as we saw the passage about how Biden and Harris “are headed to restore some dignity, competence, and heart at the White House”, we had a good laugh. Michelle called for unity but we are not sure how she plans on going about this. It’s kind of hard to preach unity after trashing the entire GOP voting bloc.

The message starts to return to normalcy after that. “Thank you to all of you who poured every ounce of your hope and determination into this democracy over these past four years, registering voters, getting them to the polls, keeping folks informed. More votes were cast in this election than ever before. It’s because of you,” she said.

From there, she finally took off the mask and let everyone know how she really feels. “Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division,” Obama huffed. She’s also very worried about the Georgia Senate runoffs and is urging voters to keep their eyes on the prize.

This aligns with the mentalities of the Obamas since their presidential term concluded. Most former presidents (and their First Ladies) do not remain as involved in the world of politics after leaving the White House. Meanwhile, the Obamas have been exerting an outsize influence over the party for some time now. Biden probably doesn’t get elected without their say so.

There’s also one other thing that we forgot to mention: the Obama family’s level of complicity in the current state of affairs. Did the country magically become divided once Trump took office? That’s a bold claim to make. Anyone who has been paying close attention over the past 10 to 15 years saw this coming a mile away. Barack Obama also rammed through legislation without any regard for unity.

Where was all of this rhetoric about wanting everyone to come together then? The Democrats are allowed to have their own opinions about the president but they can also keep them to themselves. This is no different from Hillary Clinton’s random broadside attacks on the current president. Instead of explaining why she was good for America, she spent all of her time telling everyone why the orange man was bad. Civility is not in the question for her but everyone else needs to toe the line!

Say what you will about Trump but taking shots at Democratic voters has never been part of his battle plan. As for Biden? His whole campaign was staked on the idea that we were in a fight for the soul of the nation. This implies that the average Trump voter does not have a soul to call their own. Biden might as well have called them a basket of deplorables and went on about his day.