Mexican Cartels Celebrate Biden Presidency With Expansion Into Seattle Funded by Biden’s Insane Border Policy


America is not being put first and this story is a prime example of that. According to Homeland Security personnel, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has been able to gain a stronger foothold in the United States because of Joe Biden’s insane policies. They are becoming more and more powerful day.

Residents of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest need to remain on high alert. Mexican cartels are believed to be smuggling mass amounts of fentanyl into the state as we speak. This is one of the deadliest drugs that is currently available on American streets.

Sleepy Joe passed out at the wheel and now we have new, fierce cartels to contend with. It’s a sad state of affairs and we wish that someone would get him to wake up. He needs to smell the coffee and get in gear. America is at stake but this octogenarian does not care one bit. FOX 11 has more about his latest bit of malfeasance:

“Federal drug investigators say there are many homegrown, illegal drug makers who are operating in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, but violent Mexican drug cartels are moving in and also trying to establish a foothold in the region.

Officials from Homeland Security Investigations, the principal investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, told KOMO News that they are eyeing one group in particular because of its brazen activity.

That group is known as Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG, and its members are active in Mexico with operations that extend through the U.S. and all throughout Washington state.”

There you have it! Washington residents deserve so much better than this. Wait a minute, actually. The residents of Washington who did not think that the autonomous zones were a good idea deserve better than this. As for the rest of us, this is the America that you claim to want.

If you successfully remove all of the police officers from the equation, where do you think it goes from there? All of the drug dealers are going to be licking their chops. Open-air drug sales will become commonplace. Anyone who does not appreciate this new world order will be told that they are a racist.

We can’t wait until that becomes the new line of thought from the woke crowd. “How dare you speak out against the foreigners who are setting up shop in your backyard? That sounds like you need to check your privilege to me,” they’ll crow.

It may seem funny to you but we are not kidding in the slightest. This is how they sound to us and it’s probably how they sound to most other sane people, too. We can’t begin to fathom how angering this must be for Washington residents who actually value the rule of law.

Trump wanted law and order to reign supreme but these are the liberal states that would not stop standing in his way. Now, innocent Americans are left to pick up the pieces. The Americans who did not want to see Seattle turned into a war zone by BLM and Antifa are never considered in these instances.

Biden and his cronies only think about the interests of the people that they have to pander to in order to stay in power. That’s all that matters to him and the rest of the Democrats. Dr. Fauci and his puppet regime must be given the tools that they need to remain in control of the rest of us.

Washington now awaits the orgy of violence and gunfire that is sure to come their way. All of the broad day shootouts that Mexicans have to endure on a daily basis can now become America’s problem. Biden knew that he would be creating a bevy of problems for all those who did not want to deal with the cartel issues but that did not matter to him one iota. This is his America now!