Media Shows Favoritism to Liberals as They Get Friendly With Biden


There is no debate that the media was nasty and abusive towards President for his first term. They all constantly called him, slandered him, interrupted him, and published news stories about him.

And then, to top it all off, they blamed him for being rude when he would try and speak to them about national matters. Their treatment of the president was reckless and uncalled for, but now that Biden may get to sit in the Oval office, their tune is changing.

In an interview that was published, several liberals were questioned about how they cover the White House and the office of the president in their news pieces. It was discovered that the way they treated the president would change if Biden gets to play the president.

Many unknown authors and reporters capitalized on the media’s hatred of the president to the point that it made business sense to bash the president instead of giving him respect and credit. The disdain for the president’s office has never been so bad as it was the past four years.

Olivia Nuzzi was one of the fanatics that took advantage of the hatred of the president. She admits that “she joined New York magazine around the time Trump took office and quickly became known for her caustic profiles of the president’s hangers-on. TV appearances and awards shortly followed, and in 2018 Nuzzi announced a major book deal with Simon & Schuster.”

The media and others made it a point, and still do, to hate the president in public because they believe it is a profitable business and will make them a lot of money. Funds that they are getting from their big-money spenders need a Democrat in the Oval Office to manipulate and cheat others out of their money.

Nuzzi also stated that “There is kind of this temptation to satisfy the resistance with worldview-confirming reporting chum. It didn’t really require any special bravery to report honestly and critically on Donald Trump. I could write in a piece, ‘Donald Trump is the biggest asshole to ever live and he is a terrible human being and a shitty president and, like, he’s ugly’… and nobody would be mad at me except the same people who are mad at me anyway for existing.”

Instead of reporting on the truth and earning money the right way, she saw an opportunity to exploit the system for her own personal gain. But now that the possibility is there for President Trump to sit out for another term, she is willing to change the way she reports. To be kind to Biden will mean big money for her down the road.

In a way, she admits that her personal safety is at risk if she is critical of boyish Biden. She stated that “On a purely social level, I don’t know that reporting critically on Joe Biden will feel as safe for reporters.” There is just a fear of speaking out against the Democratic Party. Nuzzi knows that people are hurt when they stand against the liberals in America.

Even sad Jim Acosta has admitted that he will be changing the way he does things. He stated that “I don’t think the press should be trying to whip up the Biden presidency and turn it into must-see TV in a contrived way.” He sees the whole problem as Trump’s fault that it will change if Biden steps in as president.

Philip Rucker went on to bash the Trump Administration by stating, “You’re going to have a former president pretending he really won the election, threatening to run again in 2024. You’re going to have a Republican Party torn between Trump allegiance and a desire to cleanse itself of these past four years.”

Media personalities are already planning on favoring Biden for the power of the dollar. Liberals have found that in order to prey on people, they must suck up to them. No liberal wants to do the right thing and report on the truth of any story. They would rather lie about it and hope that enough people read their publication to warrant investors to fund their sites.