Me Too? Biden Team Brutally and Viciously Attacked Biden Sexual Assault Accuser


Tara Reade once worked as an aide to Joe Biden. She has alleged that he sexually assaulted her back in 1993, pressing her up against a wall and penetrating her with his fingers. These details were shared in a graphic interview last year. She gave her version of what took place on that fateful day to Megyn Kelly.

Reade was handed a gym bag. From there, she was told to hurry up and give it to Biden as soon as possible. Once she caught up to him in a corridor, this is when the assault took place. “He greeted me, he remembered my name. I handed him the bag, and it happened very quickly,” said Reade. “I remember — I remember being pushed up against the wall and thinking…the first thought I had was ‘where’s the bag,’ which is an absurd thought.”

“He had his hands underneath my clothes and it happened all at once,” Reade continued, as she was clearly overcome with emotion. “So he had one hand underneath my shirt and the other hand I had a skirt on, and he like went down my skirt and then went up and I remember I was up almost on my tippy-toes.”

Biden also whispered vulgarities into her ear during the assault. Reade’s account of the events was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media because they were more concerned with making sure that Biden could win. The orange man is bad so they needed to make sure that a senile sexual assaulter got his spot instead. That’s how detached from reality they are.

We were told that we needed to believe all women when it was Brett Kavanaugh’s turn in the hot seat. Once the onus was on Biden, it turned into something completely different. Now, we could use nuance and we had to take things on a case-by-case basis. It’s funny how that always works, isn’t it?

Reade visited Newsmax earlier this week, in hopes of getting people to take her story seriously. “I believe the elite Democrat Party uses the “Me Too” as a shield – while actually uplifting predators,” she told host Greg Kelly. There is no refuting this statement whatsoever. This is exactly what the Democrats do and they know it.

Our hearts went out to her when she spoke about the reaction she received on the left. “I was smeared, attacked, threatened, my life was threatened, my daughter and I were stalked. And, the way the tone was set was by The New York Times. I don’t know if you are aware but my attorney filed a demand with The New York Times for a correction of the record. And also something to address was they actually posted my Social Security Number in their headline,” she shared.

Reade was treated like dirt by the party of empathy because of course she was. They do not care about women who are in danger. It’s not a party that truly cares about anything. Their true nature has been revealed and there is no going back. Anyone who ever believed that the Democrats cared about anything other than winning was severely deluding themselves.

Biden had to win at all costs, even if it meant throwing all of their previous principles out the window and setting them on fire. Their reactions to his sexual assault allegations as compared to similar allegations that are made against those who sit on the right side of the aisle are telling. People need to stop making excuses for them and accept them for what they are.

Reade’s account of what took place should shake everyone on the left to the very core. This is the monster that all of you enabled, he is the monster that people on the left have chosen. His blatant cheating and sexual assault allegations were not enough for them because news flash! They do not actually care about any of this.