Mask Mandates: How to Control People and Take Away Their Right to Freedoms


The Democratic Party has no common sense. The decisions that they make are reactionary and certainly not thought all the way through. Major health organizations tell them not to lock people down or force people to stay at home and the first thing that happens when COVID-19 spikes are lockdowns. And do not forget the incessive push to force people to cover their faces with a mask.

There is a lot of fear and anxiety floating around. There are people that will make claims mask work, and then there are those that claim they only work up to a certain point. There are benefits to wearing a mask when it is warranted. But the Democrats want to push them on everyone because it is a matter of control.

A mask may help in close contact conditions, but there is no benefit to wearing them for long periods of time by people that are around each other a lot. They also give false hope to people that believe in masks, giving them a hope that does not exist. This leads to people not doing other things to minimize contact.

Republican states will not enforce a mask mandate on people, but the controlling Democrats will not think twice about forcing people to do things that they do not want to do. There is also the issue of people that have already had COVID-19. They are immune and really should not be forced to wear a mask.

Mask mandates are more than protecting people from a virus that is spreading around. For the Democrats, it is their way of forcing people to comply with communist like rules. It is their way of robbing people of their Constitutional right of making their own choices.

There is not a study out there that proves anything conclusive about mask-wearing. For every study published claiming masks reduce exposure to dangerous viruses, there are equally those claiming there is no value to wearing them.

Many claim that the virus is too small to be caught in the fibers. That thought led the Democrats and their liberal doctors to change their wording about why people need to wear them. Instead of protecting oneself, they changed it to a person who needs to wear one to keep a stranger from spiting on them and spreading the virus.

The control that liberals seek to lord over others has to base on an event that warrants people to give them that control. The problem is that the event hiding the control issue will continue to come up season after season because liberals hardly ever want to give up the power they have over people.

The idea that masks do not work stems from the fact that 70 percent of people that are catching the virus now are coming down with it even after faithful mask-wearing. There is absolutely nothing that can justify the forced takeover of personal freedom.

Democrats will take any avenue of control once the moment presents itself. If they cannot find a moment to take control, they invent them and push them on people are true. They simply pay the liberal controlled media to report fake news. And the next thing they have is a bunch of people believing their lies.

The left is all about power. And the only way they can get the power they need to satisfy their insane thirst is to control people. The United States of America is built on freedom. To force a person to do something like wear a mask for any reason or buy health insurance, or risk a penalty is not American.

Muslim countries force their women to wear masks, and those women are fighting for the right to breathe fresh air. The need to wear a mask is no longer because of the virus. It is all about taking control of people that were destined to be free.

Joe Biden and his socialist running mate want to take away freedoms. President Trump is about preserving freedom. And that is why he is fighting so hard to remain, president, because the people voted him back into the office, and he will not let them steal it away.