Manchin Again Refuses to Go Left


Joe Manchin is turning out to be the one Senator that the Democrats are learning to hate. He is a self-proclaimed moderate who cannot align with the Democrats on the issues that they are trying to work through as a party.

His drive has been to vote Democrat at times and Republican on other issues. This makes him the most dangerous man to the Democratic Party. The one vote they could count on in the past is not so quick to fall into a socialists line.

The Democrats’ plan is in jeopardy because Manchin is not willing to violate his oath to serve the people that put him in the chair he fills. That means if the Democrats try to pass laws that cause harm to the people of West Virginia, they will have a hard time convincing Manchin of supporting their cause.

The Senate has split down the middle. Manchin will have to decide where his vote will go on just about every issue. He will either support a socialist party or stand with freedom and support Republicans.

One media source stated that “The West Virginia senator has become the central character in Democrats’ control of Washington, a conservative throwback who speaks his mind and is maddeningly frustrating to liberals. He sided with his party to give them a critical vote toward approving President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan, but is already vowing to cut back Democrats’ dreams of a $15 minimum wage and limit who gets direct checks.”

Manchin is the type of person that does not hand onto party lines.

Senator Jon Tester stated that “He’s kind of the Democratic version of John McCain. I say that partially in jest. But partially it’s true: Joe’s a hard guy to figure out how to lead. You know? He dances to his own music.”

Manchin has become what many consider to be the most powerful man in the Senate. Both parties will need his vote on many issues in order to make changes. Crooke Chuck Schumer is going to have to pamper the man to get anything done in the Senate.

Manchin is a moderate that does not subscribe to the far-left policies that bumbling Biden seems to be buying into. This is why many conservatives see him as an ally at this point because without his vote Biden, and the other liberals are powerless for the next two years.

Manchin stands against the liberal socialists such as the witchy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has a deluded view of herself as being a person of great importance and power. But when it comes down to influence, hers is small compared to some other more notable figures such as Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz.

The Senate’s moderates cannot bring themselves to take action on defunding the police and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. They know that such actions will kill the country and destroy the economy. Manchin is one of those moderates.

He has already stated he does not support a minimum wage hike and some other socialist notions. Manchin would rather see the parties come together and work through the issues that are dividing America. And he is not the only one in the Senate determined to keep things from going too far to the left.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is a Democrat from Arizona. She is another moderate that is willing to go against the Democrats when they get out of line.

Democrats are looking to ram a lot of laws down the throats of Americans. But they cannot do it without the support of mean Manchin. He does not fully support the Republicans, and he indeed will not bow to the corrupt far-left liberals trying to control the government.

Manchin and others will be that one force that will keep the socialists from getting everything they want. The progressive agenda will never see the light of day as long as the moderates are in place. Progressives know that they have to target people like Manchin if they ever want to see real power.

But for now, they have to deal with mean Manchin.