Liberals Seek to Murder Down-Syndrome Kids but Republicans Stand in Their Way


There seems to be no end to the murderous attempts by the liberal left to extinguish the life of unborn babies. The Democrats argue on the extreme side that life does not begin until a person is self-aware. They use this guideline to justify the different levels of murder that they tell their henchmen they can do legally.

The unthinkable amount of murder that happens every day in America is unthinkable. But the little babies are not left to themselves. Kristi Noem from South Dakota is leading the fight by drafting a bill to protect the unborn that have been identified with Down Syndrome.

The Democrats tell expectant parents that they can abort their baby if the child is what they consider “defective.” They tell people that genetically challenged kids are a burden that can be done away with.

The liberals cry that the Republicans are the white extremists that promote Nazi-like standards. But their insistence on killing babies because they do not look a certain way is their way of establishing their version of the Arian race.

Governor Noem stated that “God created each of us and endowed all of us with the right to life. This is true for everyone, including those with an extra chromosome.” She is urging “the South Dakota legislature to pass a law that bans the abortion of a preborn child, just because that child is diagnosed with Down syndrome.”

Liberals would have another view if it were their life on the line.

There is a federal bill that mirrors Noem’s bill that says no one can perform an abortion “with knowledge that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion because the unborn child either has been diagnosed with Down syndrome or has had a genetic screening indicating that the unborn child may have Down syndrome.”

The federal bill puts punishments on people that willing seek or gets an abortion.

Abortion is a convenient way for liberals to murder babies. They can justify their crime by rationalizing away when life begins.

Solid science proves that life begins at conception. But the liberals would rather believe philosophical lies than face the hard reality that life begins at conception.

Conservatives in South Dakota hate the liberal notion that abortions can be performed because a child’s sex is not what is expected or because of a disability. The Democrats want a perfect liberal utopia where they are free of defects and mentally sound.

Hitler had the same view of his perfect race of hybrid humans, so he did everything he could to murder people who did not look like the ones they wanted.

Democrats ignore popular public opinion. The majority of people oppose killing babies because of genetic defects. There are even a lot of self-identified pro-choice killers that do not want to see the handicap murdered.

Joe Biden sees a different world. He sees a world where America pays to help mothers murder their babies all around the world.

Liberal American imperialism takes on a different form as they help countries kill their own citizens. Socialists praised his executive order to fund international murder as a step in the right direction.

Even their activist groups work hard to oppose bills like the one Noem is proposing. They maintain that killing a baby is a choice that women should have to make on their own. They argue that women should have the right to select the sex of their baby and eliminate the ones that have mental handicaps.

The path to saving lives is never easy. Critics argue that conservatives want to remove the freedoms that women think they have over their bodies. Murder is never a right to choose. If that were true, people would be able to kill any person they do not care for or get in their way.

Noem is just one of many heroes that are taking up the fight to save lives. Committees will review her bill before it can be voted on and placed as law. But it stands an excellent chance of being signed because the substantial majority of people support the idea of saving lives.