Liberals Force Stores to Pay More and Stores Close Their Doors Instead


In a sad story brought out by the local news is was reported that the decision made by the city council of Los Angeles was not well received. Here sat a bunch of liberals making decisions that directly affect private businesses by forcing them to pay more wages to their employees. Payroll is not a decision that is to be made by a city council. It is one that the business should make.

COVID-19 destroyed any financial foundation that these businesses had built up. And here comes a bunch of thugs mandating that they now pay extra money to their employees. Monet that is just not there because people are not out shopping as much. They must think that money grows on trees.

The result of the terrible decision is that many stores are just going to shut down. The local news stated that “Two Ralphs and a Food 4 Less will close by May in Los Angeles, a decision the parent company says was accelerated by a city mandate requiring workers earn an extra $5 hourly in ‘hazard pay’ during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The liberals just cost these employees their jobs. The report mentioned that “Cincinnati-based Kroger said it’s shuttering the underperforming stores — Ralphs at 9616 W. Pico Blvd. and 3300 W. Slauson Ave. and a Food 4 Less at 5420 W. Sunset Blvd. The stores will close May 15, affecting 289 employees.”

The city’s decision to force payroll hikes is what led to the disastrous outcome of these stores closing. Joe Biden and his Democratic nutjobs think money is sitting around for them to use. They use it whether or not it is theirs to touch. In this case, the city had no right to force stores to pay extra money.

This disaster did not need to happen if the lousy liberals learned from what happened in Long Beach. They did the same thing, and it resulted in several stores shutting down for good. But like every good Democrat, they fail to think with their minds and react on emotion.

The Democrats on the city council have no clue about what it takes to run a business. Once the grocery chain announced it was closing stores, the council started to blast them for making the decision.

The Kroger grocery chain stated that “It’s never our desire to close a store, but when you factor in the increased costs of operating during COVID-19, consistent financial losses at these locations and an extra pay mandate that will cost nearly $20 million over the next 120 days, it becomes impossible to operate these three stores.”

The council must think that the stores did really well during the lockdowns. But the cost to stay open and change operations, provide protection for employees, and overtime pay, really put the company in a financial bind.

The council believes that money grows on trees. It has no concept of what it takes to turn a profit during a time of closure and loss. All they had to do was look over to the next city to see that their lustful idea would never have worked. For the stores to remain open would mean the grocery chain would end up in bankruptcy in a short time span.

Joe Biden and the rest of the federal level Democrats could also learn something about money from these two failed ideas. The COVID bill that was passed has no financial backing to it, which means the Democrats have no way to pay for it all when the bill comes due. Their decision to pass the bill was based on emotion and not what is best in the long-term for the country.