Liberals Are Saying Joe Biden Lied…They’re Already Regretting Their Mistake…


The same Liberals who were twirling and singing like drug-infused hippies only a few short weeks ago are already raising their radical eyebrows at the guy they just elected to run the country. Their preconceived fantasies are becoming a different type of reality than expected. Papa Joe is already letting them down and there are certain to be more and even greater disappointments to follow.

Biden took the liberty of hoisting up California air official, Mary Nichols, to lead his Environmental Protection Agency, and let’s just say it isn’t going over well – at all. There is widespread criticism over Nichols blatantly and willfully ignoring the concerns of the minority and lower-income people who are suffering the most from the effects of toxic air pollution.

Nichols will be stepping down from her current position as chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board. While serving in the role she claims to have set into action some of the most aggressive climate policies ever known to humankind.

She was fiercely opposed to the Trump administration’s rollback of environmental protections, and she fought harder than Mike Tyson to allow California to be able to set their own environmental standards, outside of the federal government’s reach.

One might think that environmental groups and activists would be enamored to have such a strong anti-pollutant voice on their side. But this is not the case. They say Nichols has ignored them altogether, choosing to forge ahead without their valuable input.

Because of this, Nichols has allowed fossil fuel facilities in some of the worst-hit areas in the state to continue blowing toxic fumes straight into the lungs of the poor and wretched masses living in the area.

Because President-elect Joe Biden’s committed to tackling the pollution problem in minority and lower-income areas of the country, the activists are screaming in unison that Nichols isn’t qualified for the job she’s being offered.

“Her inability to work well with environmental justice groups and leaders in California indicates that she is not the right person to oversee and implement climate and environmental programs for the country,” reads a recently drafted letter, soon to be on its way to the Biden transition team.

The California Environmental Justice Alliance and Friends of the Earth constructed the letter, but they are still in the process of collecting signatures. They aren’t worried about not getting enough people to sign the petition as they expect a minimum of 50 groups and individual activists to endorse the effort.

Further attacking Nichol’s lack of character and uncouth demeanor, the letter states how she would often use a condescending tone when blowing-off suggestions made by local environmental activists.

“We want to see an EPA that values the partnership of environmental justice communities. So, pick the best candidate who can do that, who can start from [the] jump to have good relationships with environmental justice communities,” said Mari Rose Taruc, one of the signers of the letter, and a California based environmental organizer. Taruc previously served on the Environmental Justice Advisory Committee prior to charting her own path.

Taruc followed up by saying, “Because if you start with somebody who doesn’t have good relationships already or doesn’t have an open stance to working with the most impacted communities, it’s just going to be an uphill battle from there.”

Just this past summer Nichols received abrasive criticism from two black lawmakers when she tweeted, “I can’t breathe’ speaks to police violence, but it also applies to the struggle for clean air. Environmental racism is just one form of racism. It’s all toxic.”

Here is one of the many responses she received. This one from Democrat California Rep. Jim Cooper, an African-American man. “How dare you use a dying man’s plea for help as a way to discuss your agenda. Have you no shame? How dare you talk about Enviro racism when historically your policies favor your coastal elitist friends. While leaving communities of color out and left to foot the bill.”

All is not peaceful in liberal land, and there’s a lesson to be learned here. A liberal, is a liberal, is a liberal, and it matters not which party has control of the White House. Their lot in life is to bitch, moan, and complain, and they’re not about to let a silly little thing like Joe Biden stop them. We almost feel sorry for the guy. Then again. Not…