Liberal Librarian Proves Democratic Insanity as He Burns Books From Public Library


The Democratic Party is no different than the Nazis of corrupt Germany decades ago. Hitler and his political demons terrorized innocent people, murdered millions, indoctrinated children with hatred, and burned every book that was against their philosophical teachings.

The art of burning books is the Democrat’s way of keeping future generations from knowing about the horrors that the liberals are inflicting on Americans. They also do not want them to know the truth of freedom and what it took to solidify those freedoms for everyone.

Libraries are platform centers of knowledge. They are the place that people can go to learn and discover things that should make life better. Except liberals do not want people reading certain things that may cause a person to question the evil they are trying to inflict on people.

Books are an American First Amendment right. It gives people the right to voice their opinion and distribute as many copies as they can. If a person chooses to read the book, then the writer has succeeded in sharing their views.

But the liberals hate the competition because no one wants to read a book that a liberal has written.

And that is why Cameron Williams took it upon himself as the head-librarian to gut the local library he ran of any book that had anything to do with contradicting his beloved liberal beliefs. He went shelf by shelf, pulled every conservative book, and burned them in a blaze of glory before the liberal gods he served.

Williams just could not leave well enough alone. He took out his phone and videotaped the act of tyranny. Williams was fired from his job at the library. One official stated that Williams “violated City and Library policies by improperly removing items from the Library’s collections.”

The damage that he did is unforgivable. Hundreds of books wiped out, all in the name of socialism. The mini-Hitler wanted to silence the right to free speech.

One posting from significant news sources stated that he was a Black Lives Matter Activist that attacked the conservative side. The City put the foolish man on paid leave. The only thing he should be paid is nothing at all.

He should be made to purchase new copies of every single book he maliciously destroyed in the name of Nazism.

Cameron Williams has gone on the defense and states that he has the right the act the way he has done. He believes that it is the library’s fault that he burned the books because he was left with no other choice but to take action. He has also stated that his actions were to foil some secret plot at the library.

He stated, “I really believe that this was political.”

And the truth of what he was doing comes out as he stated that “It’s definitely a perpetuation of white supremacy. None of this would have never ever been a problem if someone who doesn’t believe in me speaking for equality for Black people wouldn’t have reported it.”

The Democratic Party has burned into the heads of people that there is a state of inequality in America. But the truth is that no divide or schism exists between people of color. Every person in America has the same opportunity to make something out of their lives and live the American dream.

The problem is that the lazy liberals tell people that whites owe them something from the past actions of people hundreds of years ago. And nothing could be further from the truth. Most people of all colors believe that slavery is wrong, and racism is a liberal tactic to exert power over people of color.

Williams’s beliefs were put in check by the Library Executive Director Corinne Hill. She stated that “The City of Chattanooga has policies in place to protect the public’s interest, and we follow those directives.”

Williams is another liberal activist trying to make waves of trouble because he does not know any other way of enacting change. There are channels that he could go through to make things change. But all he knows is a violent approach since that is the way of the liberal.