Liberal Leaders in Virginia Responsible for the Death of Kids


The idea of a lockdown was supposed to have been a keyway to fighting the COVID-19 virus. Many experts thought that isolation was the key to keep people safe. But they soon found out that the virus was going to spread on its own without hindrance.

The same experts that thought a lockdown was the way to protect also discovered that the shut-ins were more dangerous than ever.

The pandemic is the worst thing to hit America in the past many decades. Lives were changed because they could not work, people died from the virus, and the Democrats made a mess of it all. They took a moment to politicize the event for their gain and at the expense of people.

The Democrats in liberal controlled states have been pushing more lockdowns and now school closures because of the virus. Liberal teacher unions refuse to put their teachers back into the classrooms, and the children are the ones that are suffering.

The goal of liberals is to decimate families and the towns they live in. The lockdowns have a mental and psychological effect on young people. Kids need outdoor interaction with their friends. It is one of the ways that they develop and learn to interact with other people.

Parents have been screaming at the top of the lungs to get the schools open and fully functional. They are seeing their kids slowly self-destruct because of the lockdowns. The disastrous reality unfolding across the country is most clearly seen in the state of Virginia.

Yael Levin-Sheldon is an analyst and parent that resides in Virginia. She was able to obtain health records from the state to help her determine the overall effects of long-term lockdowns.

And what she has found was horrible.

Levin took the health records and used the Freedom of Information Act to determine that suicide rates and self-harm incidents have increased since lockdowns took effect. The dark trend that she found is enough to force the Democrats to open the schools. But the issue is that the liberals are not listening to science.

Parents are ticked off and extremely frustrated with their liberal taskmasters. Parents are telling officials that kids are threatening harm to themselves, and it is happening because they are not allowed to interact with their friends.

And what is infuriating to them is that students in open states are back too normal. They realize that the liberals are selfishly controlling things for personal gain.

Levin-Sheldon took it upon herself to look at these accounts coming from parents. She looked at tons of health records for the past four years. She discovered that the rate of suicide and harmful actions to self-have increased dramatically since lockdowns were put into place.

Every single health district has seen a sharp increase. This is not just one or two isolated incidents. It is happening all over the state.

The liberals look at data and conclude that there are other reasons why these numbers are increasing. They blindly dismiss the data and continue to tell people to stay home. There is no concern or even an inkling of care for those lives that they are hurting.

The Democrats and schools are the ones trying to call the shots in Virginia. Parents are left out of the decision making because liberals think that they know what is best for children. They could never bring themselves to listen to the real experts who are the parents.

The infamous way that the Democrats are yielding control will ultimately force parents and kids to do more things they do not want to do. The liberals are looking at forcing people to get the vaccine before they can return to school. Those that refuse to get the shot will not be allowed to come back.

People are being told that the schools will remain closed until everyone is shot in the arm, and lockdowns will stay in effect. It is estimated that it will take the better part of another year to get everyone forcefully shot in the arm. The dangers that these decisions are having on people are not worth the cost of trying to keep people safe.