King Biden Rules by Archaic Decree Instead of by Example


Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office staring at his presidential pen. With his mind slowly slipping, he has to think hard about his next move.

For some reason, he has yet to work with Congress to get things passed the right way. Every order he has made for America has been by executive order. He just cannot stand the thought of letting past presidential orders stand on their own.

Many people are wondering why he has not worked with members of his own party to pass laws that will last for decades. His decision to selfishly pass regulations and laws show just how old the man has become.

Many wonder if he will live long enough to finish out his first term. And that is why many people think he is executive-ordering everything to death. Because he just does not have the time to work with Congress to pass laws.

The Biden legacy is in danger of being forgotten, and that is just not something crazy Biden is willing to let happen.

The legacy that he is working on is one that erases Donald Trump from history. Every Biden order to date has focused on reversing all the work that Trump has done for the country. Biden will go down in history as the crazy president that tied America’s hands because the man hated the president that came before.

His attacks on Donald Trump come from years of hard work that the 45th president did for the people. His focus has also been to throw a bone to the socialists that are knocking on his door.

They want him to give them what they want. And they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it.

Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, has kept Biden from having to travel to Congress to work with them, and he has kept Biden on the 9 to 5 clock for the first part of the presidency.  The Oval Office is not an eight hour a day job. It requires someone who can take care of things that come up and be there for them when they need him.

But Biden is looking out for himself.

He is the oldest person to ever serve as president. This means his old body just cannot keep up with the demands of being a president. Klain has successfully kept Biden locked away in his basement office, separated from the job he was supposedly elected to do.

King Biden is delusional about what it takes to be a president. He shows by his actions that it is about sitting behind a desk and giving out orders.

Donald Trump went around the country and met with people in and out of the office. He took time to call on people and help out where he could. But Biden takes his checks and sits behind a desk surrounded by a fence and guards because he hates Americans.

Biden’s claim to fame is found in his pen.

And at some point, that is going to come to a crashing halt as there will be nothing left for him to micromanage. He has already killed hundreds of thousands of jobs, saw to it to murder the coal industry, and bound America to harmful policies that will do nothing to help the country grow.

The crazy old man reads from a teleprompter speeches that are written by another hand. He is just the face of a presidential power that is run from the shadows. But with his current mental decline, he thinks that he is in charge.

The mark that Biden is leaving on the White House can be swept under the rug by the next person that is to sit in the White House, for Biden believes that the pen is mightier than the sword. But that saying is only valid as it relates to writings and not executive orders.

The ideology of greatness that Biden wants to build for his household is long past. He is too old to make a difference at a job that should be reserved for the young at heart.