Kenosha Residents Snub Their Governor and Welcome Trump’s Visit


Wisconsin voters have had enough of the violence and they are finally going to stand up to Joe Biden. While he may have believed that his presence would be welcome, the state has decided against it. They would rather hear what President Trump has to say about the current state of affairs. He plans on making his way to Kenosha on Tuesday.

The city has been suffering greatly since the reports of a police shooting first made major waves last Sunday. Biden is taking a major gamble here. He believes that if he stays away from the city, the rest will take care of itself. Biden would rather hide in the basement until the election is over, only emerging if he is told that he is the victor.

We’re just surprised that he’s not sending Kamala Harris to handle his dirty work for him. Meanwhile, the current president is not shying away from the more difficult tasks. He knows that these folks need a strong leader to help them during these challenging times. Unlike Biden, he’s not going to hide out and wait for the election to be over.

Wisconsin voters are more than happy with what is taking place. They are tired of Biden and do not want any part of a visit from him at this point. “Vice President Biden coming in, as far as I’m concerned, he can just stay away because he did nothing beforehand and what is he doing now?” said one voter. His ineptitude is not welcome here.

President Trump has been pushing for law and order, tweeting these exact words on a consistent basis since the riots began. What’s more welcome to the people of Kenosha: a president who is actually going to try to put the riots to bed or a career politician who is going to empathize with the rioters in hopes of getting liberal votes?

It’s a pretty easy decision for these citizens to make. Their governor, Tony Evers, is also turning his back on them and the citizens are shunning him as well. Since they cannot receive any help from the Democrats who claim to be in charge, they are relying on Trump to put a stop to the violence. In fact, Kenosha voters are taking their allegiances one step further.

“I think Kenosha’s gonna vote for President Trump in the upcoming election. I think we need him here. We need strong leadership. People that are born and raised here are disgusted and angry with what’s happened,” said one angry resident. It’s clear to see that this city is hurting at the moment and they know who is on their side.

More important, they know who is not. The average resident may stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in principle. Once they are forced to watch their own backyard being destroyed for days on end, it tests the limits of what people are able to endure. Even someone who considers themselves to be a supporter is going to have a tough time watching local businesses get torched.

Joe Biden is going to have a tough time convincing voters in Wisconsin and Minnesota that he has their best interests at heart. These Midwestern states have been told time and again that their concerns do not matter. If they are worried about where they are going to live or if they are going to have an active police force, they can simply head elsewhere.

The Democrats are unable to handle the truth of the matter. For every American who wants to “burn it all down”, there are several more who are perfectly fine with the status quo. Even Joe Biden knows that, which is why he still offers feeble statements about why the riots are bad. He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. This sort of mentality is only going to suit him for so long.