Join Biden’s Cabinet? New Mexico Governor Makes a Hard Pass


For some, being tapped to join the presidential cabinet is the greatest honor. Some politicians wait their entire lives for the chance. However, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico chose to give it a hard pass.

Wait, what? Why?

Well, it’s hard to get excited about working for the Biden-Harris administration. Kamala Harris couldn’t make it on her own as a presidential candidate during the primaries. Biden was who was left when everyone else dropped out.

They’re what we got stuck with, all because of the whole “vote blue no matter who” campaigning.

Governor Grisham, according to sources, was offered the Secretary of the Interior position. While it may have been a pay increase, it wasn’t the job that she wanted. While she hasn’t provided much insight into why she turned the position down, it speaks quite a bit for what some Democrats think about Biden.

Many Dems would jump at the opportunity to move up the political ladder. However, some choose to hold onto their morals a bit tighter.

Biden has been very vocal about his desire to build a diverse cabinet.

Lujan Grisham checks a box for Biden. And perhaps she knows that better than anyone.

Grisham is of Mexican-American descent. She’s also the first Democratic Latina to become governor in the state of New Mexico. She’s represented the state in Congress before and has also served as Health and Human Services Secretary for the state.

Becoming the Secretary of the Interior may be a high honor, but it’s not an honor Grisham wants. Nothing on her resume indicates that she has the experience for it, either. However, it would make Biden look good if he had a Mexican-American woman overseeing the conservation of federal lands and natural resources. There have only been a few instances where this position has ever been held by a female, and certainly no one with such a diverse ethnic background as Grisham.

She doesn’t want to be someone who checks a box. So, she’s turned down the request to join the cabinet.

Is she completely against working for Biden, though? Well, no. If she can get the position that she wants, she’ll pack her bags and head to Washington.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has written a letter to Biden to urge him to choose Grisham for the position of Health and Human Services Secretary. She certainly has more background to take on such a role since it is one that she filled for the state of New Mexico for several years.

Who Biden chooses as HHS secretary may come down to who pressures him the most. He tends to lean in the wind instead of holding his own. He’s received a significant amount of pressure to name a person of color. This includes both Grisham as well as Gina Raimondo, the governor of Rhode Island.

Does Raimondo have any experience? Of course not. She’s a venture capitalist and has served as general treasurer for the smallest state in the country.

Shouldn’t the Secretary of Health and Human Services have some kind of background in, you know, health and human services?

Biden is going to choose someone who has absolutely no background in health simply so that he can name someone of color.

Alex Azar, the current Secretary of HHS, has a background in pharmaceuticals. It gives him an edge to ensure that he understands the health needs of the country.

However, Biden doesn’t want to consider anyone who works in pharmaceuticals or who has a medical degree. He’d rather choose a career politician because that’s the swampy ways of Washington that he has been trudging in for 40 years.

There are plenty of ways to get someone who is both qualified and a person of color into the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sadly, that’s not going to happen because politicians stick together and Biden wants to honor the wishes of his fellow Democrats.