Joe Biden Speaks Gibberish Causing Sign Language Interpreter To Lose It (Video)


Joe Biden is in a constant state of confusion and his campaign has been filled with all sorts of senior moments. We have had more than a few moments where we have been left to guess what he is trying to say. Things only seem to be getting worse for him as the campaign trail winds along, too. His latest virtual event had a pretty hilarious moment.

Rev. Dr. William Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign were on hand for the event, which did not get off to the most auspicious start. Biden did not even know how to get started. For someone who likes to act as if his finger is on the pulse, he sure does seem to struggle with basic technology. By the time the event actually got started, things got even weirder.

It did not take long before Biden became tongue tied. He wanted to convey some sort of message about the importance of environmental justice. It’s entirely possible that he got environmental safety and social justice confused with each other but let’s bear with him. The best part of all is that the sign language interpreter on the scene did not even know what he was trying to say!

“Environmental justice so we can turn the faucet on and drink water, breathe clean air. I’m sor – I’m about to end, but lo, liv – you ‘ow, we have to live so, I mean, we have to just give people a chance,” said Biden. If you can make any sense of that statement, feel free to tell us what he actually meant. We are still trying our absolute best to wrap our minds around this one.

“What the heck is Joe Biden trying to say here?” is a question that we are finding ourselves asking far too often these days. While it is true that he has a stutter that can sometimes keep him from being able to get his thoughts out, we’re not sure if that’s to blame here. A stutter can only explain away so much. Perhaps it’s time for Biden to bow out of politics and enter an assisted living facility.

He seems to be well aware of his limitations, too. Biden is already floating the one term president idea. Harris might have to go out and handle the debates for him, too. He’s got a very clear plan for how to handle this presidency, if he somehow manages to stumble into the seat. Biden will simply make Harris handle all of the day to day stuff, including those cumbersome speeches.

He’ll have a team of handlers who make his decisions for him and the fate of the nation will essentially be decided by his cabinet. Since he’s already promised these positions to all of the people that Barack Obama strong armed out of his way, it’s hard to see where things will go well. Elizabeth Warren as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs? We will take a hard pass on that one.

Andrew Yang is probably already pushing for a position in the Treasury. We kid, we kid. Joe Rogan has suggested that he could moderate a debate between Trump and Biden on his podcast but Biden’s not going to go for that. Rogan wouldn’t be willing to let him read off the teleprompter. That sort of format would be perfect for the current president and a death knell for old Sleepy Joe.

A man who is this easy to confuse probably shouldn’t be allowed to run the world’s most powerful country but what do we know? This is the man that the Democrats deemed to be the most electable out of all of the their candidates. What does that say for the rest of the Democrats, if this is the very best that they could possibly do? We can’t wait to see which candidates they shove out of the way next time around.