Joe Biden Continues to Push Fear on People In an Effort to Control People


Joe Biden is as dull as he is old. His mind has deteriorated to the point that he cannot think for himself. The media has to be prepped on which questions that they can ask and in what order.

For the past 47 years of wasteful service, there is not much that he has accomplished of value for the American people.

And now that he has found a way to cheat himself into the White House, he is looking for ways to make himself appear intelligent so others around the world will take him seriously. The reality of his goal is that there is nothing he can do to make others take him seriously.

Biden’s latest effort to address the American people is found in a speech where he is preaching on doom and future gloom for everyone in the world. This speech is designed to create fear in people, so they react in a foolish way to shut down power stations and mining operations around the country.

The dementia-stricken man wants to make people scared enough, so they stop driving their cars. And yet, his speech makes no sense, so he had to include fearful rhetoric. Everything he says to date has been void of hope and prosperity.

Instead, it has been full of darkness and future pain for all law-abiding people.

The puppet-controlled president-elect Biden will only be able to do what his masters tell him to do. He is owned by China and controlled mega liberal organizations. All of these entities have an agenda, and they will make all of their dreams come through by using Biden.

Biden has fallen for the lie that carbon emissions need to be dealt with in order to combat climate change. He honestly thinks that mankind has burned enough campfires to make the world a warmer place. And yet, one single volcanic eruption puts more emissions into the air than all of the collective years of humanity’s existence to date.

The fear pushing liberals never tells this bit of data because they want people to think that the earth is dying, and humanity is why. The truth is that nothing that mankind can do will ever kill off the earth. The planet goes through cycles of healing itself.

As Biden continues to ignore the science, he is left with being able to read the teleprompter. The words that are programmed by his masters about carbon emissions are designed to promote gloom and despair.

The forgetful man states that these gases threaten “the very existence of our planet.” And yet, he has never submitted a plan to deal with the gases that he believes will be the death of everyone.

He believes that the earth is going to explode from the gas build-up. What old Biden is proposing sounds a lot like the rhetoric that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to lie about. She says that unless America takes her green deal seriously, the earth will die in one decade. That sounds familiar to what every environmental wacko has said every year since the turn of the twentieth century.

The interesting thing is that Biden announced that the United States is only a small fraction of the problem that he believes exists. One can only imagine how he plans to force the rest of the world to fall in line to save the planet. The world is watching to see which Democratic crackpots are going to give up their jets and cars first.

Another point that Biden is not telling people is that one of his masters actually produces most of all the other countries’ emissions. China is the worst. But they own Biden, so he will make sure to kill America long before China is forced to reduce their emissions.

The communists have bought Biden, and they are going to make him make policies that favor them. The environment is not the central issue that Americans are facing. It is the internal threat of the Democratic party and what they are threatening to do to the country for the sake of staying in power and controlling people.