It’s the Same Old Song and Dance in Baltimore


For most of the country, we wait on pins and needles for a final result, both for the 2020 presidential race but all for a handful of House and Senate seat bids. But while we wait, the people of Baltimore, Maryland, are settling into another two years of the same old, same old.

Here, in Charm City, the real winners of most races were decided months ago, during the state’s primaries, thanks to the overabundance of Democrats in the area. While the state as a whole usually boasts double the number of Democrats than Republicans, the area surrounding Baltimore triples that amount, with a margin of six to one.

And so it should come as no surprise that, even though the city is literally falling apart at the seams due to the constant stream of corrupt leaders in office, the not so good people of Baltimore decided to sing the same old song, elected Democrat after corrupt Democrat into office yet again.

Here are just a few of the winners, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“There were no big surprises in Baltimore’s general election races. The city’s contests are usually decided during the primary elections. Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott, a Democrat, coasted to victory in the city’s mayoral race against several challengers, including the unusually well-funded unaffiliated candidate, Bob Wallace. But the 36-year-old Park Heights native declared victory shortly after 10 p.m., with about 72% of the early and mail-in votes tabulated in his favor.”

The outlet also noted that delegate Nick Mosby won the seat for Baltimore City Council President, taking newly elected Mayor Scott’s former seat. Mosby is the husband of the city’s State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, who has already been accused of corrupt behavior.

The couple has also been found guilty of tax evasion, seemingly forgetting to pay their taxes. As a result, there is an IRS lien on their property, and they now owe tens of thousands of dollars.

Mrs. Mosby is known to be a tough cookie, at least when it comes to prosecuting police. Per her record, she would much rather go after police officers, taking their livelihoods and freedom, than convict gang leaders and murderous thugs of the crimes they actually committed.

The city apparently doesn’t have a problem with that, as both she and her husband still have city leadership positions.

And while it seemed as though the city made the right choice in putting Brandon Scott in the mayor’s seat, they may already be regretting it. Earlier in the year, during Scott’s campaign, he pledged to rid the city or at least City Hall of the corruption that has become the norm. He promised not to be like three of the last five mayors, who were either taken from their offices in handcuffs or nearly forced to resign after doing such a shotty job of handling the city’s crises.

Scott swore that he would make sweeping changes to the office once officially elected, including reducing the power it holds and, instead, giving that power to the people, at least in regards to handing city contracts and payments, as this is where most of his predecessors seemed to slip up.

However, mere days after winning the primary, and basically the mayor’s office months ago, Scott reneged on that promise. He noted that he and his staff couldn’t wholeheartedly rush into decreasing his power, at least not right now, not with all that’s going on.

You’re shocked, I know…

Nevertheless, Scott still seems to be a better choice than former Baltimore mayor Shelia Dixon, who nearly won the primary and got her old job back. Dixon was one of those former mayors I mentioned above that was dragged off in handcuffs if you don’t remember. Apparently, she felt she was more entitled to the city’s funds than the disabled children the money was intended for.

You’d think that after all the city has been through, the long list of corrupt city officials and mayors, the highest murder rate in the nation, and being labeled as the most dangerous place to live in the US, the people would want a change.

And it’s not like they haven’t had ample opportunities for such. Every election season, GOP candidates rise up and promise to make those needed changes. But just like every year before, the people turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those gallant souls, apparently only looking for the D behind their name or the blue of their heart.

Maybe one day they’ll learn their lesson. This year isn’t it, though.