Is This for Real? DNC Convention Speaker Calls for the Destruction of Capitalism


The Democratic National Convention has begun and it’s every bit as insane as you would have expected. Party members are falling all over themselves to let everyone know how far left they have drifted. It’s gotten to the point where we are convinced that its some sort of competition. Bernie Sanders was not about to let this opportunity pass without making some news.

He’s boasting about the party’s newfound leftist slant and he’s clearly very proud of the role that he played in pushing the party in this direction. “Our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. Many of the ideas we fought for just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream,” said Sanders.

The neo Marxists that are controlling the party now are looking to put an end to the status quo. Capitalism is their new boogeyman, of course. Mind you, these are the same people that have benefited greatly from the current system but they do not want to talk about that. Instead, they “acknowledge their privilege” and recite whatever leftist talking point is making the rounds that day.

Ashley Nicole McCray is a far-left activist who was asked to speak at the convention. If she has her way, capitalism is going to be abolished entirely. The statements were made during a virtual DNC Caucus and Council meeting. The “destruction of capitalism” has now become a popular political discussion because the Democrats don’t have the heart to stop lying to their voters.

They want them to fall for the same lies that they were peddling when Obama was elected, the fibs about “change” and increased equality for all Americans. In reality, Obama was a centrist in a progressive costume and he could not have cared less if he tried. It’s amazing to watch all of the same people who were fooled by him fall victim to the same spiel from Biden.

Biden can recruit all of the leftists that he wants and he may be able to fool some of the more foolish Democrats. Those who remember his voting record are not going to be as easy to scam. Some might be wondering where they have heard Ashley’s name before. As it turns out, this is not the only time that she has made the news.

If you take a moment to Google her name, she was actually arrested in Tulsa for a recent protest (this is where she is from, for further background). Her crime? She and another protester had decided to strap themselves to a flagpole of the Bank of Oklahoma Center. The Democrats are definitely calling in the best and the brightest for this convention, that is for sure.

Give it a couple of days and they’ll be inviting in any random blogger who has said anything remotely anti-government. It won’t be long before their associations with these shady characters end up biting them right on the you know what. These are the messages that the Democrats are broadcasting to America and worst of all, they barely believe them themselves.

We wish that there was a way to give Joe Biden some truth serum so that we could find out what he actually thinks of all of this. His handlers are probably telling him all of the right things at the moment so he will stay on board but this man is a moderate at heart. The Democratic voters cannot honestly believe that he is the one who will lead them further left, if that’s the direction that they truly want to go.

America is at a crossroads and the Democratic National Convention provides all of the evidence that we need. When the leftists are not trying to drum up fear about the loss of the post office, they are waging war against capitalism. It’s quite the interesting dichotomy that they have created and it’s definitely going to backfire on them come election day.