Is This America’s Justice? Pelosi Publicly Thanks George Floyd for Propelling Democrats to Power Through Intimidation and Violence


The Democrats from the House of Representatives decided to hold a presser yesterday after the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced. The dispatch took place outside of the US Capitol. Nancy Pelosi led the way and answered a question that was posed by a fellow representative. They implied that these types of incidents happen all of the time and wanted to know about the deaths that are not captured by cell phone cameras.

Pelosi was given the chance to speak and she said a mouthful:

“Nothing surpasses the honor of being with the Black Caucus today where we have seen a step in the right direction for justice done.   Earlier at about 3 o’clock I spoke to the family to say to them thank you.  God bless you for your grace and dignity, for the model that you are….

… they complimented the Congressional Black Caucus for its role it played in all this…  His name [George Floyd] is synonomous with justice, and dignity and grace and honor.”

This was not even the worst aspect of the speech. The line that Pelosi came up with as a capper to the speech is the one that we are never going to be able to get over. We suspect that this is one of the few times in recent memory that the liberals will be on our side. “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice!” she screamed, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was a human being.

This is the Democrat Party in a nutshell. Human lives are absolutely worthless to them. George Floyd should not have been a sacrificial lamb for whatever political agenda that you may have. Regardless of where you stand on issues like police brutality, we should all be able to agree on this one.

Pelosi ought to be ashamed of herself and we hope that she issues a sincere apology to Floyd’s family as soon as possible. There is no circumstance where it is acceptable to use a human life as a political ploy. We all know where this is headed now.

The Democrats are going to use this as the fuel for their fire, as far as removal of police funding. Biden may not be making any immediate moves but that is because they are waiting to see what the fallout is from this conviction. Of course, there are Democrats who are understandably worried about retaliation from those who view the conviction of Chauvin as a personal affront.

However, conservative thinkers are not nearly as dangerous as we are portrayed. We all know exactly what would have happened if the verdict had been reversed. All of the liberals who are all about peace and harmony right now? They would have been outside destroying anything that they get their hands on.

Conservatives have yet to behave in such a manner, even after the verdict came in. Anyone who cannot make that simple connection is too lost to truly understand the world that we live in right now. The Democrats want to portray themselves as the good guys but nothing could be further from the truth.

They are the ones who view blood being spilled as a positive. Pelosi has come right out and said it here. She didn’t even say the quiet part loud. She simply gave voice to what a lot of Democrat supporters are thinking. In their minds, this man’s death can be used to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, they are the ones who are acting as if they care about George Floyd’s family. Maxine Waters was openly encouraging people to shoot it out with the police recently. This is not going to help anyone and in fact, it is only going to lead to more conflict with the police. These are your Democrats, everyone. This is the party of empathy, according to them. Pelosi and her ilk show their true colors time and time again, though.