Is More Censorship the Answer? Twitter Bans Lin Wood to Suppress Any Election Dissenters


Lin Wood, Trump’s attorney, has been suspended by Twitter right along with him.

“I have been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. Please let my Twitter Followers know that I am fine. The bad actors may be after the President & his supporters. So be wise, have discernment, & be careful. Pray for our country,” he posted on Parler.

He returned to Parler later in the evening to offer another message to those who were concerned.

“I am now posting on Twitter @fightbacklaw until Jack the Commie lifts my suspension tomorrow. Patriots must ALL be prepared to stand tall. Do not seek to do violence but be prepared to defend yourselves & your family. Ignore Pence & Biden. Listen only to President Trump,” Wood said.

Once Wood tried to spread the word about the alternate account, Twitter was quick to shut that one down as well. Wood went on to say that they needed to get the firing squads ready so that Pence could be the first to go.

Donald Trump is also currently locked out of his Twitter account and the suspension will last longer than 12 hours if he is unwilling to delete the tweets that got him temporarily banned.

Wood and Trump have been working tirelessly to spread the word about the stolen elections. Now that crunch time is here and it is time to take action, the social media platforms that allowed them to run wild and free are trying to draw a line in the sand.

Americans are rapidly losing faith in their country and these are the types of decisions that cause them to believe that their best interests are no longer being considered.

These platforms are openly telling people that they are going to control what you see and hear. Instead of realizing that this is a dangerous route to take and making better choices, Zuckerberg and Dorsey are actively working to silence anyone who is ready to tell the truth and that’s why they are going to start losing their audiences to sites like Parler.

Like it or not, conservative thinkers make up a sizable percentage of the American population. If these social media giants are willing to silence people who have this level of influence, how long do people think it will be before they are the ones being silenced?

It is all well and good now but what happens once the average citizen is being told what they can and cannot say?

It’s a very slippery slope that does not lead us into anything good. Once these platforms get a taste of being able to shut down anything and anyone that they do not like, they are not going to stop there. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not reading the tea leaves that are being presented to them at the moment.

Twitter also risks losing a number of its members to sites like Parler that are going to let the conservatives continue to speak their minds. Let’s face the facts here. Trump needs reporters and reporters need him.

It’s a very symbiotic relationship. If Twitter does not play their cards right, all of the blue checkmark reporters who have made a career out of whining about Trump are going to follow him wherever he goes.

If anything, we are willing to bet that Twitter will come to their senses about this stuff very soon. They may even offer him a deal. Cool it until the new president has been sworn in and then we’ll let you go back to doing your thing.

The last thing that they want is Trump posting info on Parler about Twitter’s overall valuation dropping because he no longer posts on their app.

These are the ripple effects that no one ever stops to consider. The social media powers that be had better think long and hard before they continue down their current path. Once the snowball starts rolling down the hill, who knows what will happen next?