Is Fox Caving To Pelosi’s Thought Police? Moderator Freaks Out After Guest Calls Out Soros for Funding Violence


Fox News is usually pretty reliable for us and their hosts are more even handed than they typically get credit for. That’s why we were so surprised by the meltdown that we saw on Outnumbered the other day. When former Speaker Newt Gingrich levied an accusation against George Soros about his funding of lawless district attorneys, these hosts absolutely lost it.

These prosecutors allow rioting and vandalism to take place in their cities and they expect to get away with it. That’s because they are accustomed to that type of treatment. The liberal media handles the prosecutors with kid gloves and that’s why people are unable to handle the criticism when it comes their way.

Gingrich wasn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said already but it was treated as if he had said something terribly blasphemous. The panel was not happy about the comments. It did not take long before Newt was shut down entirely. It was a bizarre scene and we are not the only ones who took notice of it.

The Columbia Bugle was on the case. Their take was spot on. “We live in insane times if Newt Gingrich is too controversial for Fox News,” they tweeted. This information should not have been too hot for TV. It’s the furthest thing from controversial. Soros’ donations are well documented. How can anyone dispute the truth when it is staring them right in the face?

To be politically engaged in 2020 is to be gaslit on a daily basis. We are told that we are insane for having opinions that were perfectly normal to have last year. When facts and data are brought into the equation, people are simply told that the numbers aren’t true. It’s enough to make anyone lose their mind and we are shocked that Gingrich didn’t lose his composure.

Attorney General Bill Barr has already called out Soros for these donations but to no avail. Add this to the list of issues that the left is ready to politicize at the drop of a hat. Soros continues to subvert the legal system. In fact, there are many who believe that he is directly responsible for rises in violent crimes in the areas where he has donated.

When Barr speaks about these matters, people need to listen. The folks who defend Soros need to ask themselves one very simple question: what is anyone’s motivation to lie about any of this? The same people who will decry conspiracy theorists in one breath will defend Soros with the next. They do not like to be presented with facts and blame everything on the “far right”.

That elusive “far right” is supposedly responsible for every issue that arises but no one can name names. Meanwhile, those can name names and provide data to back up their assertions are the ones being treated like criminals. It doesn’t make very much sense but this is the country that we find ourselves living in now. Even Fox News is longer a safe watch for us.

That’s all right, though. Unlike some, we do not need a safe space to get by. We operate in a world of facts and truth. These hosts may have tried their best to silence Gingrich but he’s not saying anything new. Their attempts at shutting him up are only going to call more attention to the ugly truths that the left is trying their best to bury. Meltdown or no meltdown, the truth is out there.

Sorry to get all X-Files on you there (only the older readers will probably get this reference) but that’s the way of the world now. We wish that things could be different but it is probably going to get much worse before it has a chance to get better. If Newt Gingrich’s takes are now too hot for the people who work for Fox News to touch, where do we possibly go from here?