In Biden’s America the Lynch Mobs Are Back! Liberal Mob Vows to Hang Conservatives


On Sunday in New York City, The Citizens Against Political Prosecution had a rally. These concerned citizens are looking to raise awareness when it comes to the plight of those who are being held captive over the roles that they played during the January 6th protests at the Capitol building.

These brave patriots are being abused by our government and this treatment needs to end immediately. The event barely had a chance to get started before the angry liberals arrived. The Antifa mob was not going to allow this moment to pass without standing up for what they thought was right. They came to the event looking to start all kinds of trouble.

The signs that they were holding were very indicative of the overall liberal mentality. “F— justice, we want revenge”, one of their signs read. Another sign read “we will replace you”. These are the people who believe that they stand for basic human decency, too. They could not care less about anyone except for themselves. They have made this very obvious, over and over again.

“Group of Antifa organized at zuccotti park and started marching through NYC streets for a “far-right free NYC” They’re marching towards a right-wing group protesting charges against j6 rioters Two protesters have Antifa flags, another has a “Fuck Justice we want Revenge” banner,” Elad Eliahu tweeted.

These videos are disturbing to watch, as they make us wonder what is going to happen next. These Antifa members are never going to be satisfied with a mere march. They are out for blood and this is not something that we are making up out of thin air. They have told us as much with their actions.

You won’t believe what they started to do once they got close enough to the protesters. The angry mob was not content to merely march with their signs. This would have been problematic enough but things were only going to get worse from there. Their ridiculous chants rang throughout the streets and they even pelted the protesters with eggs because they are unable to use their words.

That’s what happens when the liberals are asked to make a point. If they are unable to do so, they resort to throwing things or name-calling. The protesters simply wanted to make their way through the park, so that they could access the event. This was too much for the Antifa members to allow. Fortunately, there were some brave members of the crowd who were not going to be intimidating.

These folks were not about to back down. Two brave female patriots were on the scene, wearing Trump gear and draped in American flags, yelled back at the liberal mob. “This is my country,” they shouted. We cannot begin to imagine how frightening this moment must have been for them. Asian protesters were even confronted by these unreasonable jackals and forced to shout “freedom of speech!” back at the crowd. These are the people who claim to care about racism, though.

Let’s be very honest here, they only care when they can pretend to give a crap and potentially make a conservative look bad in the process. No one on that side actually cares about any of the topics that they pretend to think so deeply about. It’s all a lie. The same journalists that they also pretend to care about were threatened and assaulted for daring to breach their blockade.

These insane “Americans” even started clashing with police officers who were on hand to keep the peace. One of the officers was told that the liberals would proudly “hang a Proud Boy” and do it right in front of the officer. Biden’s America is only making these people more and more bold. They claim that Antifa is just a idea but these protests go a long way towards dispelling that silly notion, don’t they?! True patriots are still going to be standing firm, though.