Illinois Business Owners Defy Lockdown Orders to Stay Alive


There are people who want to blame the pandemic for business in Illinois having to close their doors again. The problem this time around is not because of a pandemic but rather because a small group of liberals thinks that they can control people through fear. Instead of looking at the facts, the Democrats close things down and blame it on the pandemic, which has a 99.8 percent survival rate.

COVID-19 will be nothing more than a bad memory soon. But the damage that the Democrats are going to do to people and businesses will be immense. Many businesses in Illinois never had a chance to recover from the first round of lockdowns fully. And now it looks they will have to close their doors because the liberals cannot interpret facts correctly.

The American way is coming to the surface in Illinois, as many businesses defy the governor’s orders and stay open. These people have to choose to obey or to be forced out into the streets because they lose it all. One local news station reported that “Along LaGrange Road you will find plenty of places to eat and a few businesses clearly advertising that they too are allowing people to dine in for the third time this year.”

One business owner named Damian Piekarczyk stated that “It’s the worst year ever for me. If you don’t I want to come to the restaurant and sit and eat and just let go. If you don’t feel safe then stay home. Let people choose.”

The common thought of all the business owners is that if they are not allowed to stay open, they will forever close. There is no help coming from the state legislature of the governor’s office. They cannot even balance the state’s budget. So, there is no way that they can offer financial aid to these companies that are in trouble because of their lockdowns.

The data shows that if the lockdown continues, 120,000 people in Illinois will lose their jobs and never get them back. The penalty in Chicago is a $10,000 fine for not closing. But to many owners, it is worth the risk.

The Democratic-run states are the worst in the nation. The rulers shut everything down when there is a little spike. They need to look at the overall picture and stop reacting to the fear that they have in their minds.

For many business owners, the risk is too significant to shut down again. They just cannot risk losing everything because an idiotic governor cannot see the truth behind the virus. It is not as bad as everyone thinks it is going to be.

Businesses have been open for months in many of these areas. And it seems strange that all of a sudden, there are massive spikes in Democratic states. The liberals needed something to hide more corruption behind, so they invented numbers and facts to get people to think that there is another pandemic wave coming.

Supreme Court Justice Alito stated that “The pandemic has obviously taken a heavy human toll: thousands dead, many more hospitalized, millions unemployed, the dreams of many small business owners dashed. But what has it meant for the rule of law? The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty. I’m a judge, not a policymaker. All that I’m saying is this, and I think it is an indisputable statement of fact: We have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020.”

He is getting at because the extreme overreach of power by the liberals is doing more harm than good. They need to stop abusing people and start helping them rebuild their lives. But when a political party is more concerned about their pocketbooks, the people end up suffering.

The American people have the right to decide for themselves. That is something that President Trump fought for all the time he was in office. The liberals seek to destroy the right to choose and put people in slavery positions to depend on the liberals for life.