If Pfizer Isn’t Requiring Their Employees to Get Vax, Why Should We?


It’s important to look at what’s happening in the country. The government is telling us that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. The government is trying to tell us to get vaccinated despite a lack of approval from the FDA.

Notice how the many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines are surprisingly quiet about the whole ordeal? You don’t hear Moderna or Pfizer begging people to get vaccinated because everything is so safe.

They’ve made their money. The government already has the vaccines purchased and in storage to get everyone jabbed.

If it were up to the Biden administration, everyone would get vaccinated whether they wanted to or not. They would mandate it. Why? Because they say it’s safe – and, therefore, we’re supposed to follow them blindly.

As the federal government begins mandating the vaccine for various government agencies, many private corporations are following suit. Employees have a choice: they can get vaccinated or they can quit.

But, let’s look at what companies aren’t requiring the vaccine: Pfizer and the other vaccination manufacturers.

A Pfizer booklet was written by Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Payal Betcher. While the booklet is “confidential,” it identifies that employees are not required to get the COVID vaccine.


Instead, employees who choose to remain unvaccinated can stay employed by showing negative tests.

Well, isn’t this interesting. President Biden has been pushing harder and harder to have private companies mandate the vaccine.

An image captured of the booklet reads, “Please note that if you have declared you have not been vaccinated, decline to declare your status, or have a medial or a religious accommodation, Pfizer will require that you participate in a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing regimen>”

There, that’s it.

Now, Pfizer has shared that approximately 80 percent of their employees are vaccinated. However, with 20 percent choosing not to, it begs the question: do they know something that we don’t?

After all, most vaccines take years to manufacture. Some have taken 20 or 30 years to develop to ensure that all of the long-term effects are fully understood. The COVID-19 vaccine was manufactured in approximately six months. It’s hard to trust something that was developed that quickly.

It doesn’t matter how many tests were run. The long-term effects are still very much unknown – and those who work at Pfizer would understand that better than anyone.

Pfizer is responding the way that many other private companies are responding to Biden’s strong-arming. They worry that they don’t have the full authority to require a shot, especially one that still hasn’t been approved by the FDA. After all, think about the number of lawsuits a company could face.

The Biden administration is trying to strong-arm everyone. Much of it comes from not meeting their vaccine goals early on. They expected to be a lot further along than they are right now. They can’t figure out why people aren’t lining up to get vaccinated.

It’s times like this where it’s easy to remember Kamala Harris standing up on a podium next to former VP Mike Pence saying how she wouldn’t get the vaccine if Trump told her to get it.

Now, it seems that many Americans have taken that to heart – and won’t get the vaccine if Biden tells them to get it. And, oh look! It seems that the folks of Pfizer aren’t too keen on getting the jab, either.