Hypocrisy Anyone! Biden Insists That He and Harris Receive Vaccine Ahead of Everyone Else


Dr. Jonathan Reiner, who worked as a medical adviser to President George W. Bush, has choice words for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He believes that they need to be provided with the coronavirus vaccine as quickly as possible.

In his words, they both should be given their initial dosages on Monday. Those who receive it will need to wait a month for the full effects to kick in.

Inauguration is a little over a month away, so time is of the essence. Reiner is hoping to keep these leaders fully protected before they enter office.

While this sounds reasonable enough, there are certain concerns that have to be addressed. In our humble opinion, they should also be provided with the vaccine on camera.

This could go a long way toward easing concerns that Americans may have about the vaccine. If enough Americans opted against taking the vaccine, our collective herd immunity could be threatened.

The Daily Mail has the scoop, as Reiner had plenty to say on the matter. Their report was filled with all sorts of interesting details.

“This is a biological protection – and I would vaccinate him on Monday,” Reiner added. Reiner continued that he believed the Biden should receive the vaccine publicly, and possibly alongside first responders. “This will go a long way to show this is a safe vaccine,” he said.

“That’s really the concern, that’s where the reluctance is. People who are hesitant to take the vaccine are worried, is it safe. And if the incoming president is taking it, then that will go a long way to assuage any concern.”

This makes sense. Perhaps we could go with a split-screen view. Kamala and Joe would be receiving their injections on one side, while Trump and Pence receive theirs on the other.

This would convince both sides of the current debate that the vaccinations were safe for all. Every aspect of the pandemic has been politicized and the vaccinations are not going to be much different.

There was already a vocal anti-vaccination community in the United States before the pandemic even took place. It’s not like these people are going anywhere.

Biden and Harris backed themselves into quite the corner, though. Harris said that she was not going to take any vaccine while Trump was in office.

Biden was whining about needing to hear from scientists first. The two of them would be sharing one big, fat slice of humble pie if they decided to get the vaccination now.

They would both be eligible regardless. Biden is 78 years old and has a past medical history that would put him at the front of the line regardless.

Harris would also be at the head of the line because of the push to get the vaccine in the hands of minorities that are being affected at a much higher rate. If these two really want to unite America, this is their chance to do so.

They can both take the vaccine in a transparent manner, letting the nation know that there is nothing for them to worry about. The anti-vax crowd is not alone in their skepticism and if they do not address this reality, the nation is going to be in dire straits for years to come. It’s great that there is a vaccine on the way but what good is it if no one is willing to trust it?

As for Dr. Reiner, his concerns are pretty transparent here. He’s not looking to help out anyone who is not a Democrat. We could not help but notice that he was not suggesting for Trump or Pence to receive the vaccinations.

In his mind, they are not going to need it. After all, they are out of the White House in a month or so anyhow. Why should their health matter to anyone on the left side of the aisle?

They cannot deny that Operation Warp Speed was a success, though!