Hunter Biden’s Cashing in by Becoming World’s Best Artist


Hunter Biden has to be cautious now. Daddy is the president, so he can’t be making back-alley deals with Ukraine or China any longer.

That’s okay, though. Hunter Biden is as shady as they come. He’ll figure out how to bring home the bankroll in one way or another…and he has.

Welcome Hunter Biden to the art world. He’s decided that not only is he an artist but perhaps the best that the world has ever seen. The prices he’s selling for his paintings should be illegal. Since they’re not, we’re betting that there’s something else illegal going on…and that the paintings are just a front.

There’s already an open FBI investigation to determine if Hunter Biden is innocent of a cover-up – and if Joe Biden really was aware of his son’s business dealings and associates.

While the Democrats love to say that “Hunter wasn’t elected,” he is still the son of the president – and what he does matters.

That brings us to Hunter Biden’s newfound love of art. His “art” is being priced between $75,000 and $500,000. That’s a significant amount of money for a newbie artist. In fact, it’s unheard of. The range is based on the nature of the art and the size of the painting.

Does he really think that he’s going to fetch this kind of money for his art?

An Andy Warhol painting will often sell at a New York auction for $700,000. Are we to believe that Biden is a better painter than Warhol?

When buyers make art purchases, they remain anonymous. Well, isn’t that convenient?

It means that Hunter Biden has the potential to sell his art to anyone, including members of the China Communist Party, without anyone being the wiser.

All of a sudden, we’re going to watch Hunter Biden rake in millions because of being the budding artist with amazing talents that he is. We should all be very concerned. Unless he’s painting with actual gold, there’s no way that the paintings should be this expensive.

Perhaps the FBI will need to add this to look into…

The Democrats have done a great job protecting Hunter Biden. Had it been any of Trump’s sons, they’d be locked away by now.

Hunter Biden is even able to drop the racist n-word without any kind of stumble. The liberal media has decided to hush that story entirely once emails were found on his recovered laptop – the same laptop that connects Joe Biden with meeting some of Hunter’s business associates.

It should only be a matter of time before Joe Biden decides that the White House needs to acquire some of his son’s paintings. Then, taxpayers will get to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that Hunter Biden and all of his illegitimate children with strippers lead a better life.

We can’t expect too many great things from Hunter Biden’s new art venture considering that his dealer is none other than Georges Berges – a person recently arrested for assault with a  deadly weapon. Berges claims that Biden’s work has “authenticity.” Hmmm, the authenticity of what, exactly?

If anyone else in the country wanted to start their work as an artist with prices similar to that of Hunter Biden, it would lead to a significant amount of skepticism. After all, some of the best painters in the world, who have been creating art for years, haven’t been able to fetch the prices that Biden is suddenly fetching.

Based on the colorful past of both Hunter Biden and his art dealer, we have to wonder just what kind of con he is up to. Of course, the Democrats won’t see anything wrong with it. They’ll support his career as an artist and wonder why the rest of America isn’t rushing out to buy a Biden for their living room wall.