How the Powerful Survive COVID Lockdowns? Gretchen Whitmer Vacationed in Florida While Punishing Her Citizens With COVID Restrictions


Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is quite a piece of work, isn’t she? The same woman who told the residents of her state that they needed to remain locked down and avoid travel is a massive hypocrite. Now, she is the one who is traveling to Florida, defying the orders that she herself is responsible for setting in motion.

The funniest part of all? This sorry excuse for a governor even blamed people from Florida for the issues that her state is experiencing right now! Those gosh darn “snowbirds” are to blame for Florida’s issues, not her blatant hypocrisy. Tiffany Brown, a spokeswoman for Whitmer, was not willing to provide many details about her trip.

Whitmer decided that the best time for her to take a personal trip to Florida was during spring break, which is even more ridiculous. The rules apply to the rest of Michigan and not her, this is what she is telling everyone. Brown may not be willing to speak at length but she is issuing denials of certain aspects of the story.

In her version of events, Whitmer did not go to Florida for spring break. The Detroit Free Press claims that she only traveled “to assist her elderly father who is battling a chronic illness” and in this version of events? She’s traveled to the state three times within the past six months. It’s a pretty convenient story, for sure.

“A number of Whitmer’s top staffers have also been caught secretly traveling to Florida and Alabama for vacation, revealing an administration-wide attitude that they were above the people they serve,” shared the Michigan GOP Twitter account. This provides us with a much clearer view of what is taking place right now. These people definitely believe that they are above their constituents. Rules for thee, but not for me!

Whitmer was the one who was very concerned about the spring surge that could take place in her state….but not concerned enough to take any sort of precautions herself. Florida being a specific target of her remarks only serves to make things even worse. We hope that she takes the time to reconsider her past statements.

No one is going to be holding their breath on that but it would still be nice to see. “Travel, variants… on top of the natural fatigue that comes a year into this is making our jobs a lot tougher and that’s why we have to keep pushing through to vaccinate the people in this state,” said Whitmer on a recent appearance of an episode of CNN’s The Situation Room.

She’s absolutely full of it. This is an acting masterclass for the ages and we hope that she gets an Oscar nomination for this performance. Whitmer does not care what harm comes to the rest of her state, as long as she gets to do whatever she wants to do. It’s plain as day to see and anyone who does not want to see it is probably still impressed with her earlier performances.

Who remembers when Whitmer was going by Big Gretch and acting like she cared about keeping her state safe? It all seems so long ago now. We wonder if the people who bought into that shtick are feeling conned now. Knowing Democrat voters, they will just continue to make excuses for her. They wouldn’t know anything about accountability if it walked up to them and bit them on the backside.

Whitmer needs to be taken to task for what she has done here but we are not sure who is up to the task. Gretchen does not strike us as the type who would sit down for a hard-hitting interview of any kind. She’ll have her spokespeople continue to shield her from the criticism and that is all that is going to happen here. The hypocrisy train will continue to leave the station at its normally scheduled time.