Hotels and Other Venues Will Join in Censorship Movement, Too


There’s a line being drawn across virtually everything in the United States. You’re either spouting liberal BS or you’re fighting for the democracy of America.

It’s no longer just the social media platforms and the news channels determining who is right and who is wrong. Hotels have decided that they want to play the same censorship game.

Many hotels thrive because of major events – weddings, reunions, conferences, and fundraisers are all major sources of revenue. Picking and choosing between events can cause revenue to drop. However, some hotels have decided that they don’t care.

Loews Hotels have recently decided that they’re going to drop a fundraiser for Senator Josh Hawley after all that happened with the Capitol Riot.

Hawley never incited the riot. He simply chose to maintain his support for the sitting president of the United States. He isn’t an extremist. He is a patriot. He wanted to challenge the Electoral College vote because the numbers didn’t add up.

And he wasn’t alone.

A spokesperson for Loews said that they were “horrified and opposed” to the events that happened at the Capitol. Well, yeah – most Americans were. No one expected “Trump supporters” to blow through security and attempt to kidnap members of Congress.

They also went on to say that they wouldn’t host the event for Hawley because they are looking out for the safety of their guests and team members.

Wow! Loews is making a dangerous move – and several other hotel brands are already deciding whether they want to follow suit.

It’s going to get to a point where those getting married or hosting a conference will have to identify their political affiliation.

Oh, you voted for Trump in the last election? Sorry, you’re not going to be able to host your wedding here. We understand that we can make tens of thousands of dollars off of your event, but we’re not interested. We’ll just lay off our hard-working employees. There are always government bail-out programs.

This is how Democratic-led companies are going to start thinking. They’ll make dangerous policy changes that are based on political leanings. No one supported or incited the actions of the riot except for extremists – and those extremists were on both sides of the political spectrum.

No one should get punished because they wanted to support the sitting president. No one should get punished because they voted for the “wrong” candidate.

The event that Hawley had planned was a “fun-filled family-friendly” time at the Loews Portofino Bay at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This was hardly going to be an event that would incite violence or cause anyone harm. It was a family-friendly event hosted by a Stanford and Yale alumnus.

Businesses are going to start getting more political. Hotels will cancel events based on their own moral high ground. It is going to cause more businesses to come forward and identify their political leaning.

Loews has already made it clear that they stand with the Democrats. They have made Hawley out to be “Public Enemy No. 1.”

Now, if any member of the GOP wants to host a fundraiser, they won’t be looking at Loews.

What about Hilton? Marriott? Holiday Inn? Many other brands are going to be following suit in a matter of time. Hilton has already suspended all political contributions.

Censorship is getting out of hand. It’s not enough to just silence those with patriotic thoughts. Corporate America will make it difficult to host events. What next? Perhaps Hawley and other loud members of the GOP will be told that they can’t buy certain brands of cars or shop at certain grocery stores.

It’s all part of Biden’s plan for unity. Isn’t it grand? You can either follow along like a good little American or face censorship if you decide to get loud and identify that what the left is doing is wrong.