Hilarious! Watch Biden’s Spokesperson Struggle To Keep up With Biden’s Lies


The idea that Joe Biden would bother to speak with Fox News is hilarious enough in and of itself. Sure, they may have hosts who are willing to give him a fair shake but we all know their audience is not going to change their minds. Maybe he thought that he could sway a few folks that are currently undecided but that definitely did not happen here.

Biden is struggling to get through interviews these days and he might be getting too used to the kid gloves that the liberal media has been treating him with. Bret Baier is not exactly known as the toughest interviewer and Biden couldn’t even handle a sit down with him. What’s he going to do when someone finally decides to stop lobbing him slow pitch softballs?

Joe Biden spokesman TJ Ducklo couldn’t even handle the heat. He lost his cool when he was asked if Biden was using a teleprompter to answer questions during interviews at his home. The question was treated as an attack. Ducklo even accused the interviewer of being a “shill” for the Trump campaign.

Baier also asked Biden what he would have been willing to do differently if he had been president during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This easy question was enough to send Ducklo into a rage as well. There is something to be said about Ducklo’s willingness to play into audience expectations. After all, the leftists all want to see him slay the mighty Fox News dragon.

That’s probably why he decided to come in, guns blazing. It was definitely the wrong mentality to have but it is easy enough to understand. What we can’t understand is why Biden stopped by in the first place. This was never going to go well for him and not because it’s Fox News. He just seems to have unrealistic expectations for how he will be treated by interviewers.

Ducklo’s tirade also goes against the image that Biden has created. He’s known as more of a mild mannered guy. He’s not the type to scream and yell. Swing voters are more likely to be drawn to the guy who is not carrying on constantly. This is where Trump’s fire and brimstone shtick can come back to haunt him. It may be grating to the undecided voters out there.

Sleepy Joe didn’t have a good day, though. He managed to engage in some classic doublespeak about NAFTA, saying that he was against it after saying he was for it. Biden even said that Trump’s USMCA deal improved upon NAFTA. Seasoned observers have probably noticed that he is moving closer to Trump, policy wise. He’s doing his best to convince the leftists that he is still their pal, though.

It’s like he has decided to provide everyone with the same things that they like about the current president, without all of the personality. Biden is definitely good at sucking the life out of any room that he steps into, so this strategy just might pan out for him. Next time, he should leave Ducklo at home and answer the questions that he is asked without any tantrums.

His audience does not care how senile he appears to be, anyway. They are so desperate to be rid of Trump, they will vote for anyone. You know them well. These are the folks on Twitter who can’t stop telling their comrades that they need to vote blue, no matter who! This is the sort of brainwashing Biden relies upon when he is trying to get elected.

These past few months have been filled with laughs and we are going to miss Biden when he’s gone. The level of unintentional comedy that he brings to the table right now is off the charts. Let’s be honest here. During these dark and uncertain times, we could all use something to laugh at. Sleepy Joe’s more than happy to oblige.