Gavin Newsom Watches His Future and His State Go Up in Flames


California is up in flames, quite literally. The Dixie Fire has made history by being the first fire in California’s history to burn from one side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the other. It has consumed over 600,000 acres and is only approximately one-third contained.

This should signal that there’s a problem. California wildfires have always been an issue, though the governor of the state usually takes precautionary measures to prevent too many acres from burning.

Not Gavin Newsom, though. He has been constantly accused of not doing enough to prevent wildfires. It seems he is content to sit back and watch the state burn. He’s doing the same in regard to his future.

The recall vote will happen on September 14. Across the state, people will vote to decide whether they want to recall Governor Newsom and who they want to see replace him if he does get recalled.

It doesn’t look as though Newsom is fighting the recall, either. Maybe, he’s come to terms with the fact that he’s not a good governor. Then again, he’s most likely so arrogant that he thinks that there’s no possible way that he’ll get recalled.

If he doesn’t do something about the state’s second-largest fire in history, burning out of control at the moment, there’s no way that voters will choose to keep him in office.

Watching a state burn is not a political issue. Republicans and Democrats alike are screaming at him to do something. After all, they can’t just watch the entire state go up in flames…can they?

The fire started on July 14 in Butte County. Since then, it has been burning eastward. According to California Fire Director Thom Porter, it is an unprecedented spread.

Of course, there are things that could have been done – including reducing the amount of brush on the forest floors. Yet, Newsom didn’t want to do that. He even laughed when Trump suggested it a few years ago.

It’s not just the Dixie Fire that’s wreaking havoc on the state, either. Southwest of Lake Tahoe, a new fire exploded onto the scene. Known as the Caldor Fire, it took out over 60,000 acres in only four days across El Dorado County.

Many residents, regardless of their political affiliation, have blamed Newsom for the wildfires because he failed to implement any kind of forest management plan. It meant that there was entirely too much fuel for the wildfires to burn. Even the media has grown fond of attacking Newsom, saying that he’s pretending as though climate change doesn’t exist.

He’s not really doing anything right now. The fires have been burning for over a month – and his recall vote is happening in just over a month. This is the time when he should be jumping into action.

Yet, his Twitter page shows just what he’s really been up to. He’s priding himself on being the first state to require attendees to show a vaccination card or proof of a negative COVID test to large events.

Great…that should help him stay in office. He’s priding himself on taking away individual freedoms. And, he is too daft to realize that showing a vaccine card isn’t enough to stop the spread. After all, we’re learning more and more that you can be vaccinated and still get COVID.

Yet again, Newsom is focused on the wrong things. He’ll sit back and watch the entire state go up in flames – and his career along with it.