Frustrated New Yorkers Demonstrate in Front of Cuomo’s Home (Video)


The Trump supporters who reside in New York have been through a lot this year, haven’t they? They have been enduring a number of measures and orders that are designed to impinge on their freedoms. Governor Cuomo may have thought that he could hide out during these hard times and maybe he was right at first.

Now, times have changed and the people have spoken. They actually paid Cuomo a visit in person. The same folks who think it’s great when the liberals behave like this do not seem to like it as much once they are given their turn in the hot seat. The group was clearly very annoyed with the lockdowns and their song choice was hilarious.

They stood outside of the residence, chanting the lyrics of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. Protesters were tweeting about the event, in hopes of spreading the word.

“New Yorkers are protesting outside of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s house to protest COVID lockdowns and curfews. Trump flags flying high. DEFY ALL ORDERS,” said goodblackdude.

An executive order was issued by Cuomo, ordering people to limit the size of their Thanksgiving gatherings. He’s going to have a lot of trouble enforcing that. A number of county sheriffs have already let him know that they are not going to be following his marching orders. These law enforcement officials have already been through so much this year.

Now, they are being asked to spend their holiday patrolling the streets, looking for large Thanksgiving gatherings. “New York follows the science. We know indoor gatherings and parties are a major source of COVID spread. To slow the spread, NYS will limit indoor gatherings at private residences to 10 people. This limit takes effect Friday at 10 pm,” read the Cuomo tweet.

It did not take long for the people to register their fury. “I don’t think the Constitution allows for the infringement on the number of people in your own home,” said Fulton County Sherriff Richard Giardino. “He has authority to do a lot but not to tell law enforcement to get into someone’s house and count who is there.

“My position as a sheriff is that I took the same oath the governor did… and I don’t take any issue with the governors intent… to do what is best under the circumstances, but as a constitutional officer I have an obligation to the constituents in my county to follow that law,” he concluded. These comments were made during an interview with CNN.

Other sheriffs have said similar things and understandably so. These law enforcement officers are not Cuomo’s lapdogs that he can deploy as he sees fit.

He’s going to be in for a rude awakening when the big day arrives and he’s not seeing any busts. The idea that police officers would spend their Thanksgiving patrolling the streets looking for large Thanksgiving gatherings was always a silly one.

There is one important thing to remember here. Cuomo is not worried about helping anyone to stay safe. This is all about flexing his muscles and making sure that the right-wing knows who is in charge.

These types of meaningless orders also bolster his opinion in the eyes of the leftists who have been spending the whole year being fearful. They don’t care about the holidays anyway. Any excuse that they have to blow them off is going to be fine with them, that is for sure.

Cuomo’s little reign of terror cannot go on much longer. Any governor who thinks that they are going to be shielded from the people that they are forcing inside is in for a sad turn of events.

It probably won’t take long for him to come out and say that these types of demonstrations are not necessary. He was A-OK with all of the protests when they weren’t his problem, though. It’s always funny to see how that works out, isn’t it?