Fake News! Mainstream Media Labels Self-Avowed Left-Wing Anarchist as Far-Right


Two Minnesota men were recently arrested for a very heinous crime. The men were found to be responsible for setting up their own operation, wherein they attempted to trick people into believing that they are Hamas operatives. Their attempts at conspiring with this terror group have left them in very hot water from a legal standpoint.

CBS News quickly sprung into action, referring to the men as members of the far-right extremist group the Boogaloo Bois. The men claimed that they are looking to take down various United States monuments. They were also looking to attack various white supremacists. While their views are aligned with Hamas, the liberal media is not going to say that.

The liberal media would rather portray Hamas as being “far-right” because that suits their narrative. The Justice Department feels differently, releasing a statement about the men on Friday. Since Hamas is designated as a terror based organization, the idea that this was a “far-right” alignment does not seem to make much sense.

The two men have been causing trouble in the region for some time now. The two were in possession of firearms and a stunning amount of ammunition. The men were even seen walking around with firearms in plain sight. They were meeting with the Boogaloo Bois to discuss upcoming attacks on police officers and various other targets.

Does this sound like the behavior of the far-right to you? The far-right has far more respect for authority than this. This is leftist behavior that the liberal media is trying their best to dress up as the actions of the far-right. The FBI was also warned about the actions of these two men back in June. The confidential complaint that they received then also connected them to the Hamas organization.

Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter viewed themselves in a certain light. In their minds, they were mercenaries who are supposed to be working alongside Hamas. That sounds dangerous enough in and of itself. Their biggest mistake was admitting to all of this when they were having a discussion with an undercover FBI agent. They told the federal agent everything they needed to know.

The plans about destroying monuments were covered during these talks and they also planned to raid the headquarters of an organization linked to white supremacy. Benjamin Teeter has a Twitter page that is still up at the time of this writing. Guess what it says in the bio? That’s right, you guessed it, “left anarchist”!

So how can the liberal media be this irresponsible and continue to report the story as a far-right attack? It didn’t take long for the nonbiased journalists to know what was going on but the rest of the media decided to stay asleep at the wheel. These men were not a part of the far-right. The dishonesty that is coming from the liberal media has gotten ridiculous. They have been willfully ignorant before but this one takes the cake.

This story should have been told properly from the beginning. If you are anything like us, you were also wondering how an anti-government group could get lumped in with the “far-right”. These men are leftists to the core and there is no disputing it. They have even let the world know themselves but that’s not going to stop the media from keeping their false narratives alive and well.

And they wonder why so many people are now skeptical! When people are being lied to on a constant basis, they are left to wonder when the truth will set them free. As Americans continue to sift through all of the misinformation that they are being presented with, the rest of the world watches to see what happens next. Hopefully, the leftists who are causing all of the trouble right now are properly recognized by the media going forward.