Fake News! CNN and MSNBC Manipulate Cheat Sheet Image to Hide Biden’s Mental Failings


We are not sure what is funnier to us, the fact that Joe Biden required a cheat sheet to make a simple announcement or the fact that MSNBC felt the need to alter the image. It’s all pathetic, to be honest. When Biden called Harris to ask her to be his running mate, the decision had already been made. It was a manufactured moment, designed to elicit ratings.

In case Biden forgot where he was, he was given a cheat sheet. Jack Posobiec was the first one to notice MSNBC’s decision to remove the cheat sheet from their coverage. The images are clearly doctored and there is no denying it. The American public is being lied to, yet again. The liberal mainstream will do anything in their power to mask Biden’s mental deficiencies.

The best part of the picture? Biden is actually holding his phone upside down. There’s so much to unpack here and we can hardly contain our laughter. The media types that are defending this are the same ones who cannot wait to jump on any supposed issue that Donald Trump is having with his mental acuity.

CNN also worked overtime to make sure that their viewers were shielded from Biden’s feeble attempts at portraying himself as a normal candidate. They blocked out the cheat sheet and they also made sure that their audience did not have a chance to see the upside down phone. This is what we are in for over the next few months.

The liberal media is desperate to see Trump go and they do not care who takes his place. We can’t be the only ones who see the irony in this selection, either. The left has been going on and on about the defunding of the police, to the point where Joe Biden himself even felt compelled to pretend that he cared.

The man who signed the infamous 1994 crime bill was trying to re-brand himself as a politician who cares about social justice but it did not last very long. We all knew that Harris would be the choice for the vice presidential slot, long before the decision was actually made. Now, Biden will have to explain himself to all of the angry leftists and it should make for some hilarious moments.

How can the man who was flirting with the idea of stripping the police of their funding and antagonizing their leadership make such a quick pivot to law and order? The answer is simple: Biden does not have any actual principles to speak of. He drifts from idea to idea and does not care if any of them actually make sense.

This is a man who will say whatever he has to in order to get a vote. Harris is a former attorney general who is personally responsible for a number of laws that targeted black citizens in an unfair way. Anything that Biden says at this point is obviously a lie but that has not stopped the leftists from arguing among themselves about it.

If you have spent even a small amount of time on Twitter over the past few days, you have probably noticed all of the infighting. There are some who want Trump out so badly, they do not care how it happens or who takes his place. Meanwhile, there are others who are not willing to fed the same lies and they want to know how Biden could make a choice that goes against their beliefs.

The next few months are going to be interesting. Harris is going to do everything in her power to convince people that she is no longer the same attorney general who spent years locking people away. Biden has to convince everyone that he’s not losing his marbles and that he will live to see the end of his presidency. This “dynamic duo” certainly has their work cut out for them.