Fair Elections? Biden’s DOJ Desperate to Stop Arizona Election Audit to Prevent Biden’s Fraud Coming to Light


The same organization that is responsible for starting the insane Russian collusion narrative is now going to be interfering with the Arizona election audit. We understand where they are coming from, though. We would be working overtime to save our own skin if we had to as well. ABC15 in Phoenix has more on this developing story.

According to ABC15’s Garrett Archer, Biden is already getting the Department of Justice on the case. They are expecting the DOJ to intervene out of desperation. If they don’t, the election theft is sure to come to light. This puts a lot of pressure on the Biden administration.

The Maricopa County audit has been worrying them for some time now and we can see why. The Democrats probably thought that they were free and clear. “Ah well, everyone else hates Trump as much as we do. Let’s steal the election and hope that they don’t ask too many questions.”

What they did not bank were some serious patriots who were looking to find real answers to the issues. These brave patriots were not looking for any sort of reward for their assistance. They merely wanted to help and they wanted their good deeds to serve as their own reward.

Now that the buzzards are circling, Biden and his cronies are looking for an easy way out. The cruel irony of this is that they only put themselves in this position because they were looking for an easy out to begin with. This is the same Department of Justice that looked the other way as they ran from the grind of coming up with an actual campaign.

Biden knew that he could rest up and get plenty of naps while all of the dirty work was done for him. The GOP was locked out of every ballot counting room and vans full of ballots were allowed to move unimpeded all night long. In case you think we are taking things too seriously, you may want to take a closer look at the letter that was sent by Secretary of State Fann.

From the looks of the letter, the Democrats are dying for the audit not to go through. It is fairly simple to understand. They are behaving like children who know that they are about to get caught doing something wrong. If Biden really received over 80 million votes, what should the Democrats have to be afraid of?

It should not be a problem to anyone if there is an audit because it will prove what we are all supposed to know: they won the election fairly. Since they did not win the election fairly, that is why they are so scared. It is sad that we conservatives can see this but the liberals are still too blind to know what is going on.

Arizona is taking the most important step of all: they have gotten the ball rolling. What happens when other states become fed up of what is taking place and decide that they are going to take their own steps? This is something that undoubtedly keeps the Biden administration from being able to ever breathe a full-fledged sigh of relief.

The Department of Justice can only do so much to protect Biden from what is coming. They overestimated their hand here and believed that everyone would want to see Trump gone as much as they did. This is not what is happening at all. Instead, they are learning firsthand how wrong they were.

There are tens of millions who would like to see Trump back in office and they may soon get their wish. Even if the Democrats end up getting away with this one, they are still going to have to deal with him in 2024. It’s going to get pretty ugly for them pretty quickly. They will be forced to listen to his taunts about how he could have easily beaten them three times in a row…